The Jig, The Blog, The Tweet (or Twit)

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First things first: I have my first lead on The Root today. On a site known for featuring some of the best and brightest in the world of Black intelligentsia, it’s nice to see that even an article on The Stanky Legg can find its way onto the site. Bitch, they’re wired.

Just this morning I started off with prayer and the stanky legg. I may start off my day that way from now on. Can’t go wrong with The Lord and the jig.

Moving on I’m so mad at myself for passing out last night before I could finish updating my blog. If you’ve noticed, I’ve been trying to update more. That’s in part to me realizing I was falling off a bit, and the fact that people have reminded me on several occasions that I ought to post more.

Plus, I’d like to avoid emails such as these:

Hey How r u?

cool i hope, im a big fan of ur blog its refreshing to see a different spin on things and not the same nonsense on pretty much every other black blogs.

i do have one thing to say though, u must be one of the laziest blog masters lol

why do u not update more often, i appreciatte you have a life but i think u can enlighten us more often,ok thanks


ps:im sure the way i constructed my letter will drive u crazy.

By now Lulu must think I’m also a lazy ass emailer because I never got around to replying to her. I’m actually pretty good with returning emails, but I didn’t know what to say given people seem to forget one thing: This is free.

Now, I’d love to be making money off my blog like the others, but I’m not there yet. I probably would get there if I updated more, though, so point taken, Lulu. Thanks for the email. At least you care.

Just so everyone knows I appreciate all of you that have been reading this blog for a while now. And those of you just now finding me. Help me find more people!

Oh yeah, FYI, in the next few months hopefully I’ll switch over to WordPress and get a dotcom. I’m also mulling the idea of video blogging, but I don’t know how I want to go about it yet.

But for the real reason I wrote this post: I’ve joined Twitter.

Yeah, I was initially confused as hell about it, but I’ve gotten the hang of it. Will I be twittering from the dentist office? Probably not, but hey, I’m on there now. People have been asking me all week why am I not on there.

Well I am. Follow me, add me, all that here.

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