Ellen Knows

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I’ve started to notice a pattern. Every man that has tried to either excuse Chris Brown’s actions, or at the very least downplay them, are men accused of domestic violence themselves. Puff Puff, T.I., Mekhi Phifer, and Terrance Howard have all been rumored to channel their inner Chris Brown in one of their respective relationships at some point. I don’t know how true that is for each person, but it speaks volumes to hear people refer to violence acts as nothing more than “situations” as the proceed to try and rationalize domestic violence.

And the only male celebrities to come out and speak out against violence or Chris Brown have either back tracked and asked the public to show mercy, or release a publicist-approved statement running the hell away from their original criticism.

That’s why I’m so glad Ellen took Diddy Puff to task. Puffy is right when he says he can use his house as he pleases — even if that means lending his residence knowing it could possibly turn into a future crime scene. I don’t pay the mortgage, so it’s nothing to me. However, I’m really sick of people throwing around these nonsense about “throwing stones” and passing judgment.

You can tell by his reaction that Puffy was angry with Ellen, but I’m so glad she brought it up. No man should beat on a woman in that way. If she hit him, she was wrong, too, but c’mon — unless she had a blade to his sac, I’m inclined to think she didn’t pose that great a threat to him.

I highly doubt Piff Puff of all people would be so forgiving if the battered woman in question were one of his two beautiful young girls. Puffy doesn’t even like it when you step up to him (Hi, Aubrey). I can only imagine how he would act if you come out of pocket to one of his daughters.

I’m really bothered by the lackadaisical attitude so many – particularly Black people – are having towards the whole thing. Stop saying “we don’t know the whole story.” I know the end result. People like Diddy are passing this off as common, and thus acceptable. That’s got to stop.

And for those who feel I and others are too hard on The Belligerent Beige Man, please look again:

This pop locking p–sy looks really remorseful. Unfortunately, I can see why he has not a care in the world. He’s rich, and evidently has enough power over Rihanna to the point he can beat and cheat on her and she’s still willing to help him get over.

This, along with the blame the victim attitude, our collective incessant need to rationalize violence, and society’s deep seated hatred of women is exactly why 1 in 4 of them will experience domestic violence at some point in his life.

Sure, I can pray for these people who commit the crimes…but it would be a lot better if I could pray for them while they’re in jail.

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