Not Anymore

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I like LeToya Luckett, mainly because she’s from Hiram Clarke, and since we’re from the same hood, I have to support my own. That doesn’t mean I like all of ya’ll from there, but if you’re trying to do something with yourselves, I won’t knock you…unless your hustle is illegal or a sign that you suck at life.

Having said that, though I like the idea of the video, I’m not really sure how it fits with the song. Or maybe it’s not supposed to. It’s possible that their intention is to get us to focus on how pretty LeToya looks and make it known that she is a singer and actress. If so, mission accomplished.

I’m not entirely sure how well this song will do, though. Ne-Yo the Negro songs all sound the same and this falls right into the same format of “Take A Bow,” and the 90 other songs exactly like it. Then again, people apparently like being sold the same thing other and other again, so maybe all the song needs a good push from her label.

When I first heard “Not Anymore” I didn’t really feel any particular way about it. Then I heard it again a few weeks ago and started to like it more.

What makes the song for me is LeToya Luckett’s voice. She sounds so much better than she used to. Don’t ya’ll doubt the power of a throat lozenger, ya’ll.

I’m really hoping her second album is better than the first. I like “Torn,” loved “She Don’t,” but it gets foggy after that. The album was solid and had a few decent tracks, but didn’t offer anything all too memorable. I’m noticing that’s a challenge for 17 members of Destiny’s Child.

Each are talented, but when it comes to offering something really substanial, they’re very hit and miss. That stems from their need to stick with whatever is popular at the moment. This video is an example of such given everyone and their little sister is playing off the 60s/Motown theme.

And obviously, some people have noticed.

Via Solange’s Twitter:

i remember being n Idaho 4 years ago, pulling out all my old Martha& the Vandellas, Marvelettes and Supremes records,coming up with a vision wanting to create a new age 60’s girls group and modernize it. started working on soul-angel finding 2 girls and watching old shows. this was before amy winehouse so people thought i was truly bugging out. i did i decided wiith the two girls..watched about 25 old shows of all the girl groups and asking my sis to help me come up with moves ( she had just done dreamgirls) worked my but off on references…after i did i decided alot of folks were digging it but alot of folks thought were confused about “the look” now every which a way i turn..everyone is in a 60’s girl group reference. its like traditional r&b again to do the 60’s sound, look ect.

The video premiered today, and Solange twitters every other second. Is it merely a coincidence or is little sister talking slick? FYI, neither one of them are the first to theme a video around Motown, girl groups, and the 60s, and splattering a bunch of Civil Rights activists pictures in the background as you shimmy and two-step changes that.

Not to mention Solange is about as original as a gay Beyonce fan. LeToya is trying, and if Solange is allowed to try, try, and try again with ideas not as fresh as the self-appointed taste makers would have you believe they are, I don’t see the harm.

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