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Was checking the comments and came across this post:

your gay counterparts sure like to throw around “passing judgement” and the like rhetoric. Sure he can lend his house knowing that his house can turn into a future crime or any other unsavory act could take place. Rhianna made the choice to go, just as she is free to make the choice to go back to Chris (or her abuser if that how you want to refer to him) Ellen should be the last one talking about choices unless she wants mainstream people to more vocal about her “choices” smh

I’m confused.

No shit Rihanna has free will to be a punching bag, and duh, muthafucka, Diddy can do what he wants with his house.

I thought I made the point about choices clear the first time. What I was talking about had to do with Diddy Puff and other men accused of domestic violence brushing off the entire incident – a crime, no less – as something common, thereby passing it off as something acceptable when it’s not.

The fact is, yet again, 1 in 4 women will experience domestic violence at some point in their lives. Describing a woman getting beaten from head to toe, bitten, and choked out unconscious as a “situation” only further perpetuates the notion that such violent attacks against women is merely a fact of life.

Now do I have to Chris Brown a bitch to drive that point on or just use smaller words? If it sounds like I’m speaking down to you, smile — I am. I normally hate the idea of turning my nose up at people, but dammit, some people need to donate their brain cells to folks that actually want to evolve.

As for the comments about “gay counterparts:” What does that have to do with anything? How can you equate accepting domestic violence with accepting homosexuality, or as you put it, the choice to deal with bigots on a daily?

How does one relate to the other?

And I’m sure Ellen being a multi-millionaire with a successful daytime talk show (we all know how easy it is to have one of those), endorsement deals, and a big following, gay, straight, Black, white, rhythm and rhythm-deficient alike is really hurting for acceptance right now.

FYI, you being here is like the KKK making its homepage.

P.S. ‘Preciate ya, homie for giving me something to post about even if it was related to some ole bullshit.

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