Shame On Him, Shame On Me

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This is exactly why I want to write a book called You Should’ve Be Spayed. One of these days someone’s going to have to muster up the balls to publicly declare that procreation should become a privilege, not a right. It didn’t take long for people to come up with songs themed around “Chris Browning a chick” in the “good, sexual” (that is, if you’re a sadist) sort of way. Now we have beat down themed fashion.

What’s next? Chris Brown boxing gloves? I myself am guilty of writing “Do I have to Chris Brown a bitch?” on this blog so maybe I ought to sign up for sensitivity classes with the makers of this shirt. I know in comedy there tends to be a little leeway in what one can make fun of, but perhaps some things simply need to be left alone.

Domestic violence is an example of such. The more I read about young people faulting Rihanna for her assault, or learning that so many kids think violence in a relationship is the norm, the more I realize that shirts like these and people like me making light of a serious situation need to be done away with.

I’ve written repeatedly about people needing to acknowledge how bad the situation is, yet I now see myself almost as guilty as some of the people I’ve criticized.

I say almost, because even I wouldn’t put ignorance of this degree to a beat.

I bought Barry White’s “Practice What You Preach” on cassette back when I was a kid (shut up in advance — that song knocked). If I could get the message when it’s coming from an overweight lover with a voice that could narrate a screw CD back then, I should have no problem getting it now.

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