So I’ve Noticed

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I’m not going to lie: I love the fact that my blog is getting more clicks even if it is from an entry on Ciara channeling her hole-in-the-wall stripper for attention.

I don’t even mind the hate mail. I usually respond to those messages with, “I hope you feel better now that you’ve released that.” and go about my day.

The only thing that sort of gets me is that people essentially sum up what I had to say with, “It’s a Beyonce stan ranting.” Eh, maybe next time I’ll bold the important parts.

I’ve noticed the recurring sentiment that Beyonce fans are idiots being expressed. These are primarily from people who act as if subject-verb agreements ought to be treated like the relationship between Rick Ross and 50 Cent. Not to mention many can’t read. Go figure.

Then there’s the whole “Beyonce steals, too.” Yeah, no shit. I’ve mentioned that quite a few times on here. Beyonce has contributed to the concept of originality about as much as a copy machine has. I’ve noticed. In fact, I wrote that in the post about Ciara, didn’t I?

Ciara’s copy cat bit was so blatant I couldn’t help but note it. That’s not my biggest gripe, though. I’m more so intrigued by how low she’s willing to stoop to succeed. I don’t care when people sell sex so long as they own it. I don’t believe Ciara and it seems desperate, and thus, irritating.

Before it got snatched down, I heard the clip of her song, “Feelin’ On My A!”

“Boy you better stop, while you feelin’ on my A!, feelin’ on my A!, feelin’ on my A!”

Really? If she decided to bend over backwards and show us her brazillian while she was still hot, I’d be more inclined to believe that the idea to be more overtly sexual was organic versus a contrived attempt to regain her spot. Yet she’s not so I don’t.

I bought her first album. One of the first reviews I ever wrote (on the collegiate level) was on Goodies. I enjoyed it. The second not so much. Now, I can’t tell who she is or what she’s trying to be.

It’s easier for people to focus on the notion of another stan war as it gives people the option to evade a legitimate argument: Every R&B singer is on a damn pole and soon they’ll all be on all fours.

Some people are a little upset that Justin Timberlake gets a constant pass in objectifying Black women. I saw the clip of Ciara calling Justin Timberlake her boytoy in the video, but I didn’t get that from the video. One of my female friends described it best: She looks like a video hoe in her own video. To that end, when it comes to the issue of Justin objectifying Black women, be more upset at the women who allowed themselves to be objectified.

Oh, and if you’re a newbie, welcome to The Cynical Ones. Spread the link as wide as Ciara spread her legs in the video. And do follow me on Twitter.


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