REAL Americans

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Glenn Beck is a special type of stupid. He possesses the kind of ignorance where paranoia, bigotry, and irrationality all have one long orgy in his big dense head. I try my best to never listen to him speak, but whenever I do I’m amazed at how he basks in his own loonbooness (fake words are in, ya’ll).

I’m not surprised the likes of him have a loyal following. While I respect my President’s Mariah Carey-like view of race relationships in our country, I’m not one to co-sign any sort of description of America that sounds too Utopian for my liking. Progress has been made, but hate mongers still run amok and one colored President isn’t going to send them all into hiding that quickly.

In this video Glenn Beck and co. are ranting about protecting the constitutionalists. If you pay close attention to their comments, you can spot out all of the code terms that essentially blame the darker faction of the human race for most of the nation’s current troubles.

So let these fun folks tell it, the digital coverter box is actually a book of democratic doom, and but of course, Barack Obama is bringing the country to its knees to blow communism.

Did you hear the person yell “burn the books.” Clearly all of their parents did.

I’m dying laughing at the follow-up comment. “Burn the ones in college…the brainwashing books.” I can see why evolution would threaten them. They sound about as involved as a big rock.

Or maybe that’s the brainwashing I apparently got in college kicking in.

If these people were so gung ho about protecting this country’s founding principles, where were their whiny asses the last eight years?

President Bush remixed the constitution yet I didn’t hear anything about a tea party/bitch session.

These people are the white equvialent of the Black Israelites standing on top of a crate on the CVS on Georgia Avenue in D.C. yelling about revolution at 10:00 on a Saturday night.

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