But I Love Chick-fil-A

I’ve known for a while now that Chick-fil-A shoulder leans to the conservative side of the political spectrum. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that them closing their restaurants on Sunday suggested that the company is headed by Evangelical Christians. I never grumbled about their decision to do so either; I actually respect them for it.

I wish more companies that claimed to represent certain values would run their businesses as such. It would be great if I could get my 24 nuggets, or two sandwiches with wheat and provolone (I learned about wheat and provolone from a friend) any day of the week, but if people are that strong in their views I’ll glady wait until Monday.

But there are some cases where a company’s view of the world might prevent me from supporting them. I’m not entirely sure if this is an example of such yet.

It’s been brought to my attention that there is a bit of an uproar over Chick-fil-A supporting those who participated in the tea party protest. Honestly, I found most of those people to be hypocrites whining because their side loss. If they were that pressed about high taxes and big government they would have tossed an ocean’s worth of tea bags at the White House when Bush ran it into the ground over eight years. I see this protest as nothing more than political posturing not worth paying close attention to.

I had a feeling the company supported John McCain in the last election.

Still, I love their food. I’m sorry, but I do. It’s so good. They use peanut oil, which is healthier than what the other fast food chains are fryin their stuff in. Speaking of other fast food joints, sometimes I have to wonder whether or not I’m really eating chicken or “chik’n.” I don’t have those fears when I enter a Chick-fil-A.

The staff members are typically polite (sans this jackass colored lady at one location in Houston), and they often giveaway free food. Once because I was the 100th customer of the day I got my meal comped. Another time I drove at NASCAR speed so I could get the free chicken biscuit the location nearest me was handing out to frequenters.

The food is so so good. They’re not even stingy with the condiments. These days a cashier at McDonalds is ready to start a shootout if you ask for extra sweet and sour sauce. Or so I’ve heard. I haven’t been to a McDonalds in quite a while. Their nuggets are usually pretty good, too, after the club, but eh, I don’t go. Same for Wendys.

But you know, neither has anything on Chick-fil-A. That is, unless one or the other is willing to sponsor this blog and my life.

OK, what I was talking about again? Sorry, I got lost in a sea of breaded chicken.

Oh, the political stuff. Yeah. Alright, people are upset because a lot of these tea bag protestors are racist as hell. I saw some of the scenes. A lot of those illiterate jackasses were throwing out age old stereotypes to insult Obama. Yawn.

However, I kind of see why people would be upset. Why toss your money behind an event catering towards a certain faction of society inclined to dabble in bigotry?

And it’s not just this tea party protest either. They tossed a lot of money behind Proposition 8. In case you haven’t caught on yet, I’m pretty left of left in terms of my political views. I wasn’t happy about the decision (although I know it will eventually change).

So does that mean I should stop supporting Chick-fil-a?

My first reaction is NOOOOOOOOOOOO.



Fourth: Hell no.

But then, if I met with the family that runs Chick-fil-A, they’d probably send me to hell. :|

I try not to throw my money behind companies that support any form of discrimination. I’ve read about Walmart’s alleged mistreatment of its employees, but damn, they’re cheap. Actually, I hate going into most Walmarts.

In fact, a month or so ago someone took me to the location on Crenshaw. Before you even ask, it was not my idea. When I went in there, it seemed like the location should only be allowed to sell coke…and I don’t mean the kind that comes in a can.

Yet when I go online, I look at the prices and think, “I love you Target, but they’re cheaper right here.”

Am I hypocrite? I have the desire to use my purchasing power correctly, but I have to be rationale: Some shit is too high, and a deal is a deal.

If I can’t even shake Walmart completely, how could I ever do the same with Chick-fil-A?

Fortunately, I don’t have to make a choice yet. I don’t know of any standalone locations in LA and I don’t really frequent the mall like that anymore. It’s not recession friendly.

Maybe I can write a letter to the Cathy family (who runs Chick-fil-A) before I ever think it buy another meal from them?

P.S. I doubt many of ya’ll even care about this because you’re too busy eating your leftover chicken from Popeye’s. I know a bunch of ya’ll went and got up on the 8 piece mixed 4.99 special yesterday. Gimme a biscuit.


  1. MissTee says:

    YEP! Sho did get my 8pc for $4.99….I'm in Oakland, Cali….so I went to the lessor of two evils….the Fruitvale Station. They shut that joint down right after 8p! Locked the doors & said that's all folks. It was hectic up in that piece too….they got ta callin' numbers outta order….COLORED folks (MEXICANS TOO) was pissed! Random shouts of "We'll tear dis muthafucka up!" I was HELLA mad I don't have an expensive ass phone so I coulda recorded that ish & had my You Tube debut…..oh wells! I've never had Chick-fil-A…..seen um, but never tasted it….I always imagined it would be 10 times LESS realistic than McNuggets….

  2. lioness411 says:

    We don’t have a Chick-fil in Shaker hts Oh! I’ll bet they are good. I must admit to actually boycotting a store, it was actually Wal-mart, it seems as if every week they have some sort of racist glich in their store, I remember when the King Kong dvd came out there was a sign posted that said and I quote
    “If you enjoy this title, you would probably enjoy RAY, THE DOROTHY DANDRIDGE STORY, MALCOLM X” They apologized profusely of course but then I find out a similar situation happened about a yr later, I spend all my extra money at TARGET not only for their “liberal” views, It’s because I get my OLAY and VITAMINS much cheaper!

    My Fiance also made the trip to POPEYES but he said the line was so long, he gave up and crossed the street to KFC! My Sister called me from her cell singing the Popeyes jingle saying her day wouldn’t be complete unless her fingers got greasy- Isn’t that ghetto!? lol

  3. ja says:

    The Cathy’s wouldn’t send you to hell :) I went to college with one of the grandchildren and they are actually really genuine, nice people. Although Old Man Cathy is a conservative southern gentleman, he shouldn’t be lumped into that other group that would damn you to hell on sight. You know you can’t give up Chik-fil-A, their polynesian sauce is like crack.

    Oh, and Fuck Popeyes!

  4. Jazz says:

    Sorry can’t give up my waffle fries dipped in Polynessian sauce.

  5. B.W.W. says:


  6. MissTee says:

    O…ish, I missed the point of boycotting….in my defense it was midnite – 1ish in da AM when I commented (not 4:07a, recognize the coastal differance yall)….

    I BOYCOTTED TARGET for like two years….(yhall bringin' back hostile feelings)….them faggots (it's not the word, it the context, holla @ Chris Rock) had a SPANISH SPEAKING associate on the floor….the clerk needed a price check & the item wasn't far from the register so I went over to the spot like, "Here go the sign!" SHE SPECIFICALLY CALLED THE SPANISH SPEAKING BROAD OVER TO ME….I'm tryna tell dis hoe…"See, here go the sign!"….dis bitch just lookin' @ me smilin' 'n ish! Then I realized, "Dis hoe don't speak no English?! AWWWWWWWWWW HELL NAH!" Yep I acted kinda ignant….and don't get me wrong…it wasn't the Non-English speakin' chick's fault….she was just tryna feed her kids (I'm sure)….MY PROBLEM was with TARGET MANAGEMENT that placed da bitch in a position WHICH REQUIRED HER TO SPEAK TO PEOPLE….MOST OF THEM ENGLISH SPEAKING! The bitch shoulda been stockin'….the pay is the same! (Y yhall make me go back there??????) I'm out!

  7. Dr. Kiti says:

    Love, love, loves the Chick-fil-a, but I’m not driving all the way out to fairfield to get it (it’s only 30 min, but gas is high!). I’m not wild about Popeye’s and that shrimp tacklebox bullshit is not the one. I like my chicken hood. I prefer Church’s. Yeah, I said it.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I’m hungry now. I could go for my 24 nuggets and Sprite/Lemonade mix.

  9. V says:

    Umm, Ryan Seacrest said there’s a stand alone Chick-Fil-A coming to LA. Good luck on that one bruh

  10. joy says:

    I know I’m late to the party. I just discovered your blog through your twitter!

    I love love love Chick-Fil-A. I used to work at CFA when it was located in the Santa Monica Place Mall ummm…. back in the day. LOL. I trust CFA because everything is made from SCRATCH. I used to make the potato salad, carrot and raisin salad, cole slaw, and the lemonade. AND I used to butterfly the REAL chicken breasts. (I hated that part for real for real). The owner operator of the one I worked at was a white guy with a wife who helped with all the cooking. They were nice and yes, VERY RELIGIOUS. But nice. Employees ate for FREE. I don’t know if that’s the case anymore. I was in H.S. and they gave/give all graduating seniors $1,000 for college. Whenever I’m in the South Bay I gotta get my CFA on. :) Damn a tea party… so what…everybody’s entitled to their opinion. Ha!

  11. concerned says:

    “I try not to throw my money behind companies that support any form of discrimination.”

    and yet you do.
    also, no one has made mention of your use of the word “colored.”
    have fun justifying your contradictions. you are a master of appeasing coginitive dissonance.

  12. J says:

    Dear concerned,

    What exactly is “coginitive dissonance” ? Is it similar to cognitive dissonance? In the future try not to sleep through Sociology 101.

  13. Michael says:

    LOL @ J. I was nice enough to leave that alone, but I knew someone else would pick up on it.