PSA: Hoe Logic

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By now most of you have seen what’s turned out to be not a Louis Vuitton ad for Kanye’s shoe/sneaker/gym shoe line.

A day or so ago Necole Bitchie asked what people thought of the ad. I tweeted back that I found it to be distasteful and degrading, but I suppose I shouldn’t have set such high standards for a stripper.

Given that I only had a 140 character limit, I wasn’t really allowed to expound on that thought. As an ad in itself, regardless of Amber’s ass taking away all the attention from Ye’s shoes, I don’t find it to be all that impressive.

Kanye’s scowl game may be proper, but the contrasting colors, the concept, etc. don’t really move me any particular way. It’s just Kanye, his buttnaked accessory, and his shoes…I guess. I don’t know anything about advertisement, but I know what I don’t care about. This applies.

As far as me finding it degrading and demeaning, I say that because Amber Rose looks like an accessory. But when you think about it, she is…a willing participate to be one at that. She gets the Kanye makeover complete with the stylist throwing out everything in her closet and replacing it with designer clothes (fact: he does this). We all know her name now, which means she’ll have the internets going nuts from now until he dumps her for a new girl he can pretend is Appolonia.

He gets ass and his own Barbie Doll. It’s a win win for them.

I don’t think being a stripper is the worse thing in the world. I even agree with Amber when she tweeted: “Just cuz I was a stripper don’t make me a devil worshiper! Damn! SMDH”

She’s right, she’s not a Satanist. Just an opportunist. That’s cool, too. Now she’s tweeting about doing a magazine shoot and let it be known that it’s not an urban mag.

I don’t know how I feel about that, because her ass damn sure doesn’t look like she has a lick of Negro in her, but let me stick to the topic at hand.

Amber’s on the come up all for playing the role. Maybe she can even be an actress now as it’s quite clear that she’s more into innies than outies.

Don’t give me that bullshit about her not being gay. I’ve seen pics of her with studs, femmes, and she looked very engaged with both. Enough to suggest her preference for the taste of Starkist.

Amber Rose looks like what if Teena Marie had a lesbian daughter. There’s no convincing me otherwise.

As I was saying, I can acknowledge her come up, but why do some people get offended if you say anything about her being a stripper or using what she got to get what she want?

Look at this comment I saw on Necole’s entry about the ad:

If she like dicks that much then got dammit she should get paid for it.

What type of hoe shit is this?

That has got to be one of the stupidest things I’ve ever read in my entire life. I wish I could slap the chick who wrote that with some fucking birth control. The last thing the world needs is another low self-esteem having chick thinking the key to success lies in her ability to cash coochie coupons develop a sequel.

If you live by this logic you’re going to end up with multiple kids, rashes, bumps, and bad reputations.

I am not innocent. I don’t pretend to be perfect, but even with my many flaws I know better than to think sex has to come commerce.

This is what happens when you let rap videos explain to you how the world works instead of picking up a book and/or having parents to bother raising you.

Oh and when I say book, I don’t mind the drivel ghost-written for Karrine Steffans. That posterchild for oral condoms has way too many people thinking you can suck your way to the top.

If you haven’t learned by now, girls are giving away their celebrity groupie tales for free online these days.

What kills me about that comment is that multiple people echo that sentiment. Online and in person.

Can someone please pass this thought around: HOES SHUT THE FUCK UP.

Learn a skill. Get a degree. Do something with your life. You are an embarrassment to women with good stuff who give it on merit, not for dinner, a car note or brief relevance to the staff at TMZ. You know, just have a back up plan ready, because if you’re going to lead a life based on something superficial, you have to know how easily replaceable you are.

Sure, it works out for some women, and yes prostitution (which is what ole girl is basically advocating) has been around since the dawn of civilization. So has knocking the hell out of people, but I don’t see many with common sense giving Chris Brown a pass (I exclude the little burgeoning statistics who forgive him based on his looks).

I can acknowledge how the Amber Roses of the world work and let game peep game, but that doesn’t mean we need to glorify that. I know it’s a recession and I get that No Child Lift Behind is going to leave millions of kids nearly brain dead in comparison to the rest of the world, but c’mon nah, not every South Philly stripper makes to Crunk + Disorderly.

And before I go, HA to some people defending the ad based on the notion that people are being harsher towards her because she’s not as famous as some other woman. If Beyonce did an ad of herself butt naked with Jay-Z on the couch throwing on the Roc she’d get the clap back from the general public faster than you can say, “Oh I’ll show you crazy.”

You can tell who in the world yearns to be a internet star. :\

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