Beyonce Does More Than That

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For those of you who don’t know ChaCho’s is a Mexican restaurant where Negroes go to get cheap margaritas. I’ve heard the food is better in other locations in Texas (it’s only edible in Houston), but for the most part you go there to get fucked up. And speaking of being fucked up, am I the only one who thinks these two dudes came up with this dance after their third jumbo margarita?

It’s bad enough that I’m just now finding out that DJ Unk is coming out with a dance that totally rips off my idea for a dance called The Hotsauce (which one of ya’ll sent him a link to my blog…fess up!), now this.

I’m not mad at Changing Faces for trying to cash in on the dance craze. With unemployment looking to jump into the double digits in the coming months creating a YouTube buzz that could lead to loads of ringtones sold is a sure fire way to make some money in a recession. It beats selling ass.

But, you’ve got to come harder than this.

That shit looks like something you do when you’re trying to fan yourself in a hot club — only your wrist quit you.

I have nothing against San Antonio or the Riverwalk (that’s what it’s called, right?) but I’ve never known them for dancing. That bullshit dance isn’t going to help the city’s cause either.

Have you seen Beyonce dance? Sasha will bitch slap you for naming that dance after Beyonce.

Do better!

And while I have your attention, Clover informed me about the UK’s own little dance craze.

I’ve seen my stats. I have quite a few European readers. Can someone explain that to me?

Why she gotta be a skank? She already has a migrane. Don’t make it worse by name calling. See, say what you will about the South, but we’re polite. We say shit like, “She fine than a bitch, ass and her tits. Thick in the hips er nigga wanna call her ‘Halleeeeeee Beerrrrrrry.’

See, that’s a compliment. Girl yo ass is so phat, I’m gonna tell you that you look like Halle Berry…even though we both know I haven’t even bothered looking at your grill.

Granted, there are other songs like “Play,” but hey, no one YouTubes to that. Or maybe I’m lost in a translation. Is ‘headache hoe’ the British equivalent to Halle Berry?

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