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I don’t wish failure on anyone, but I wish there was something that could humble Chris Brown.

I know I’m about to step up into a soap box, but when I read comments like, “Hit Rihanna for me one more time, Chris!!!!!!!!!!!!” I get angry.

If Chris Brown looked like Flavor Flav or hit any of the mothers of these young girls defending him to the death, I have a hard time believing so many people would rush to defend him.

Look at him, standing there in front of the camera reducing every legitimate form of criticism leveled his way as “hate.”

He is accused of beating, punching, choking, and biting a woman in a car in a public street. I don’t care that the woman in question is Rihanna. It’s a woman and as a man double her size and two times stronger than her he is dead wrong for beating her that severely.

But by saying this, I’m a “hater.” I’m the one that’s wrong. The one who should “mind his own business” given that I don’t know the “full story.”

I saw a picture, I read a police report, I’m well aware of the physical make up of the accused and the victim. I know enough.

There I go hating again.

I am so sick of that word. As I tweeted the other day, if you removed that word from people’s vocabulary for a day, chances are a bunch of people would be channeling their inner Helen Kellers.

I’ve read the comments from other bloggers making the case that it’s just as wrong for a woman to go at a man. I completely understand that sentiment, and wrote about my own experiences dealing with the matter, but let’s be honest for a change: I believe in equality, but I’m aware of genetics. Men are usually stronger than woman.

Should we all be open to the same opportunities? Of course. Are our punches gender neutral? There are exceptions, but in most cases, no.

Stop pretending otherwise.

Even worse is the belief that he should be given a second chance. Of course he should, but by that same token, can he show a little remorse?

To me it doesn’t matter how “crazy” Rihanna is. If she’s that insane, you break up with her. You don’t beat her down from head to toe.

Between him hitting the jet skis after being arrested, pleading not guilty to charges, and promoting his album in his very first public appearance since the incident, it proves that not only his is he arrogant and doesn’t understand the severity of his actions.

He believes he’s untouchable, and sadly because of his celebrity and wealth, along with rampant misogyny, he has reason to think so.

He’s been accused of beating up photographers in both California and Florida. He’s been accused of getting rough with a South African actress after she gave him the cold shoulder. He’s been charged with beating up his girlfriend.

What does he have to do to convince some that he shouldn’t be defended at every cost? Knock them upside their own heads?

Nevermind, that probably wouldn’t do any good either. Imagine those he hit would convince themselves that they had it coming.

The only Black celebrity who I’ve seen come out and publicly speak against Chris Brown is Eve.

Via her twitter:

hold on hold on!! im just gonna reach out to some of ya’ll out there and say this bluntly, why do ppl keep tryin to protect chris browns ass

hes guilty until proven innocent, and no man should ever raise a hand to a woman, im so sick of people kissin his ass..yeh i did just watch

a clip of him saying he isnt a monster…yeh motherfucker u are. let him or any other man come to me with power fuck him up..

and a message to rihanna…girl your beautiful and talented and u dont need a nigga like that around u…ur special and deserve better…

&finally,no we dont no wat happened that night, all i no, is seein rihannas beautiful face bruised and upset..thats enuff 4 me.

im glad yall agree with me…im so sick of the media trying to sugar coat a serious issue. thanks for your responses, keep them coming tho x

Finally someone with some melanin speaks up. Everyone else is either defending them in lieu of their own accusations of domestic abuse (Terrence Howard, T.I.), or playing the “no comment, Jesus bless him excuse.”

Yes, I hope God blesses him with mental counseling. It would seriously do him some good. He seems to be under the impression that everyone’s memory fades and that he’ll be back on top in no time. Yeah, those little girls may help remain relevant, but that mainstream crowd he was shooting for have officially gave him the finger.

Just look at the comments on sites like TMZ. They’re not amused, and if they’re not smiling, there won’t be many endorsement deals and big corporate sponsors for you.

Get cousenling, Chris. Do a PSA. Start a domestic violence charity. Try to act like you care that you beat up a woman like it was nothing then hit the skis at Diddy’s house.

But until that happens and Chris Brown stops acting like he’s King Jaffe Joffer, I could care less about his new album, whatever backflip he’s working on for his next tour, or any role he has coming up that his handlers hope will “repair his image.”

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Disclaimer: This video is not safe for work. In fact, I’m not sure if it’s safe period. Consider yourself warned, pimpin’.

One of my e-buddies is like the gift that keeps on giving. First she told me about the little chubber that could trying to rap, and now she’s sent me a video via Twitter of Spectacular from Pretty Ricky dancing around in his Victoria Secret panties soliciting sex challenging Bow Wow, Trey Songz, Chris Brown, among others to a ‘grind off.’

Yeah, that sounds like the beginning of some porno. Dude is already dressed for the part, so I guess in his mind it all makes sense.

Now, I don’t make it a habit to call out folks on here or any of my other writing gigs for being gay. Reason being is you never really know anything about a person until they themselves confirm it (or they’re outed by someone with video and audio). Sure everyone can have their suspicions, we can all play that game but for the most part, it’s hearsay. I’m aware.

Having said that, now ya’ll know damn well there are certain people that make you go, “Hmm, that person is stuck on same sex.” Your choir directors, preachers, uncles and aunts with long-time “roommates,” etc.

I understand that many hormone enraged teenage girls love them some Spec because he dances like he’s demonstrating how to have sex like a jack rabbit, but c’mon nah, who didn’t look at this video and be instantly reminded that the California Supreme Court is ruling on Prop 8 today?

Half of the people he challenged to grind on him this dance off aren’t even known for dancing. Of course, we’ve seen Bow Wow rock his index finger, then let it wave and sip in defense of Omarion, but yeah, that doesn’t make him Michael Jackson. More like Noxema Jackson.

Looking at some of the comments, I think some of them are pretty ignorant and hate filled, but beyond the e-thugging dimwits who probably sat there and watched the video multiple times, explain to me the purpose of a “grind off?”

Is giving peep shows to sell ringtones what’s hot on these internets these days?

And epic fail at him trying to sound hard challening grown men to a grind off. Shut up and twirk with a smile on your face like normal people.

P.S. I think homie stole those draws from the set of Electrik Red’s video for Electrik City.

P.S.S. Why did he tag Gucci Mane for this video? I guess if they were “roommates” in prison it could work out, but I thought he was still leasing Mya?

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I may have given some of you a false perception of me with my most recent posts. I am no prude. I don’t have any problem with sexual imagery and subject matter. I think we all have our limits, but don’t let my recent rants about Ciara fool you: I like tramps.

It’s not Ciara upping the sexual ante that bothered me. No, it was the fact that I thought she was doing it out of desperation. There’s nothing worse than finding out someone you thought was appealing in one way or the other is a lame begging for you to love them. There’s a thin line between sexy and pitiful. If you remind me of a stray dog looking for a home you’re officially as hot as a pack of ice.

But you’ve read my posts: I grew up in love with Vanity, I broke my iPod dancing to “Sex Shooter,” and I’ve danced to Pissy’s “You Remind Me Of Something” while holding a plate of wings in one hand. Then there’s my affinity for Beyonce and Rihanna, who are about as chaste as a condom wrapping.

So really, it’s not sex; it’s the excuses from people who try to sell it that irk me. I am so tired of artists hiding behind alter egos or bullshit stories about how they’ve suddenly decided they are this sexual being the minute their career starts to tank.

Then there are those who rely mainly on sex. One can be sexy, but if your material is wack I still don’t care whose ear you’re licking in a video.

This is why I love Electrik Red. They follow the tradition of Vanity and Apollonia. I find their shamelessness refreshing. They’re straight up about their slutty subject matter.

And unlike many acts out there spread eagle for the masses, Electrik Red’s material lives up to the imagery. Can they sing? Hell no. Does it matter? Not to me.

Not everyone is meant to coo like Mariah Carey. I can understand why some people may feel these girls should be howling at the moon versus the studio. I could care less, though. When I want to hear real vocalists I know who to turn to. When I want to listen to something light hearted at the gym or en route to the club, they fill the void. Tricky and The-Dream have given these girls a well-executed album that’s flirty, cocky, and fun. I enjoy the album from beginning to end and it’s been a while since I’ve been able to say that about anyone.

Even in comparison to the non-singing groups that preceded them, their album is far superior. Do any of the members stand out like Vanity and Apollonia? No, but name four songs from each that you really enjoy. And when you come back in 8 days with your answer, I’ll still be blasting Electrik Red.

Ya’ll give their album a try. I’m glad they took this well with humor, but it was still a little pitiful. You have to crawl before you walk, but since their label isn’t really promoting them they’re practically set up to never reach their full potential.

I actually went out last nite hoping to run into them at this club. I didn’t and I was very disappointed. Insert your “aww,” “ha-ha,” “that’s what your ass gets” right here.

I hit Leslie from the group on Twitter and after I telling her that I missed them, but still planned on actually buying their album she responded with:

RT: @LesleyER: @youngsinick thanks sexy!:) we appreciate it, really!

She called me sexy, which means I like them even more now. That and the fact you can’t tell me shit all week.

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And here I thought it couldn’t get any worse than Nicholas Peterson trying to rap. Thank you, lost member of Xscape for keeping me in line.

I’m not sure how one goes from Tyler Perry to yank out my tracks, but hey, we are in a recession after all.

As much as I love a good ign’t anthem, I can’t get with this. Tamika Scott deserves a citation first and foremost for sampling Silk’s “Freak Me” and turning into nonsense that could only make Mr. Kim at the beauty supply store happy.

Tamika’s friend should be arrested for impersonating a person with talent.

The person who “directed” this video is lucky he doesn’t get water boarded for not lying to Tamika and her Shawna lookalike friend with the clearance Kim flow.

I’m not sure why Tamika is singing this like it’s a gospel song, but I am suddenly in the mood to go to church if only to pray that Jesus be a pulled video from YouTube.

At first I wondered if she was serious with this, then I thought about it: If I’m sitting here wondering if it’s some brilliant parody that means she’s was dead ass serious when she left the gas station with bags of yaki, a Slim Jim, some Sutter’s Home, an order of shrimp fried rice, and $5 on 5.


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It must suck to be a child actor sometimes. No matter what you say or do we the public will always remember you for whatever kiddie role made you famous.

On the other hand, some child actors just set themselves up to be mocked. Such is the case for Curtis Williams, who played Nicholas Peterson on the show The Parent Hood.

Do ya’ll know this Negro has the nerve to be a rapper? And not just a rapper, but a rapper who pops lines about being on the street. Granted, because he’s a child actor his parents could have Gary Colemaned him and took all his money so he very well may have been left in the hood. But c’mon nah, you know it doesn’t matter: We know your ass as Nicholas Peterson. Not Young Curt.

Rudy will always be Rudy. Greg Brady will always be Greg Brady. Urkel will always be Urkel. That’s just the way it is. I don’t make the rules, I just follow them.

But no, I want ya’ll to click right here and listen to “Swagg Up” where this dude spits lines about smashing girls “half Black, half Brazillian.”

I don’t even know what the hell “half Brazillian” means. I suppose that’s his way of trying to boast about banging a Brazillian chick in his mind.

Here’s the thing that I need some of you mix happy colored folk to learn: There is a difference between race and nationality. Brazillian isn’t a race. That’s like saying I’m half Black, half American. Ya’ll would look at me like a dumb ass if I walked around saying I was biracial based on that.

Obviously Robert and Jerri fell into some hard times and had to tap into little Nicholas’ college fund to save their home from foreclosure or something.

No wonder he’s trying to rap. But, he should follow the Drake approach to hip-hop. Meaning don’t say anything that will make us say, “Fool, I remember you from…”

Young Curt Nicholas seems to be reading from the book of Officer Ross sitting here spitting about the streets. Does anyone else remember that episode where he and Arnie were getting punked by the little Mexican gang members? You weren’t hard then, Nicholas! Doesn’t matter if you still had recess then, the repeats on cable don’t lie!

Is any of this making sense to you? Of course it doesn’t. I’m acting like a TV show is real life. But that’s the thing: That’s how I remember you and if you’re going to go into an equally fictious role (i.e. some half-Brazillian thug rapper), then you need to come up with a better gimmick because what you’re selling I’m not downloading.

Here’s something Robert should have taught you: Not every overweight Black man can rap.


P.S. Though I don’t support this nonsense, should Nicholas shoot a video, he should make it a family affair. Get CiCi to be the video girl and ask Michael to play keyboard in the back. And I’m sure he could get Faizon Love to cater. It isn’t like he has much to do.

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I am beginning to wonder if people realize that this is just an image and that it’s alright to not look at President Obama in adoration every second of the day.

To put it bluntly Obama zealots are beginning to creep me out. I voted for him, I’ve read his memoir, and I even gave money multiple times to his campaign. I wanted to believe that for once the unthinkable could happen and that this country has moved forward. However, now that he has won and he is president it’s time to remember one important fact: He is a politician.

Politicians are not to be worshiped. They are to be scrutinized. If they are given too much leeway they will often deter from the promises that got them elected in the first place. Such is the case for Obama who has already back peddled on certain promises like repelling don’t ask don’t tell, being transparent, and not letting the last administration get away from torture.

Though I’m certainly grateful the last goof is out of the White House I’m disappointed that some of his line of thinking is still within the walls of the Oval Office.

Not releasing additional pictures of torture abuse under the belief that it puts the soldiers at greater risk falls in line with Bush ideology that it’s better to keep everything marred in secrecy than be forthright about our wrongdoing with the rest of the world. I get that our troops need to be protected, but I’m also aware that like it or not leaks happened so why not put everything out there. That’s transparency. What Obama has now signed on to is complacency.

The same applies to escalating the war in Afghanistan. The Soviet-Afghan war proved that some wars are unwinnable.

And for him only writing a letter to Dan Choi after he was released from the military? Honestly, it’s just plain old stupid to me.

How many people do you know speak Arabic? How many of them work in the military? Exactly. Firing him is beyond idiotic.

Why is The Daily Show making more sense than the government?

But apparently speaking such opinions out loud makes me a traitor to the race. I am all for racial solidarity, but by that same token, if we don’t hold Obama and other Blacks in power to the fire and they goof, all it does is make it that much harder for people to take us seriously.

Barack Obama is a human being. Not the Jesus remix.

Likewise, Michelle Obama was born Michelle Robinson, not Our Lady of Southside Chicago.

People were ready to bleach Iman Michael Jackson’s “color” after she said Michelle wasn’t a “great beauty.”

You would thought that she called her a bugawolf who breeds mudduck chirren.

All she meant was beauty fades and in the end, it’s all about intelligence because that can never be taken away from you. This came from a supermodel — the type of person whose whole career is based on the superficiality. If she can argue looks don’t matter why are people ready to put her in the racial draft?

Fellow Negroes, this is going to be a long four-eight years if ya’ll can’t handle every little comment made about the Obamas. Don’t waste your venom on issues or opinions that may be valid and worth discussing openly.

Only spew it when deserved.

Like Jay Mohr’s punk ass.

Michelle Obama – that is a big dude. When Barack plays pick up games at the White House, you know he picks Michelle as his forward, maybe his [center] depending on who’s in Congress that day.

That has to be like being married to Elton Brand. She is a big dude. I like when she put her arm around the Queen of England – and she put her in a headlock and said, “I’ve been waiting 200 years to put my arms around you lady.”

I like how she shaved off her eyebrows, and then drew them back way to high – and in an arch – and then way back down, so she always looks super surprised. Michelle Obama kind of looks like the Count on Sesame Street. One … Ha Ha … One Black President … Ha Ha.

What a year. The cardinals make the Super Bowl, the Rockies make the World Series, and the President smokes Newports.

This is something worth being upset over. Then again, who the hell cares about Jay Mohr? Still, you get my point.

I don’t doubt the theory that Eden is in Africa, but please, get a grip. Barack and Michelle are not Adam and Eve.

Ya’ll are starting to remind me of the Bush zealots.

If it ever gets to this point for some of you I might enter you in the racial draft personally.

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Welcome to another edition of you should be raising a child not a statistic, stupid.

This weeks venom is spewed in the direction of whoever is responsible for these overly sexual children. This video looks like a cross between The Muppet Babies and Uncut. That’s a problem for you, for me, and whoever who will have treat these poor kids at the free clinic in a couple of years. I flagged the video, but I wish I could flag everyone present in this video.

“Lil’ Trina” is sad for a number of reasons. Off the bat one ought to look into calling CPS for bead abuse. If she swings her head too fast during recess so poor kid is going to grow up with the nickname “Wonk Eye.” I went to elementary school with a girl with bead happy parents. Trust me when I say no good can come of it.

While I’m not mad at Lil’ Trina’s obvious natural talent to jook or her mastery of the Ciara stank face (not an insult), you will not have a little girl making her three day old ass clap. Especially not in a crowd full of adult men. What kind of R. Kelly parenting book are Negroes reading nowadays?

I feel like I might need to contact a lawyer just for posting this.

For the little girl who bent over with grown women coaching her on: May Jesus come in the form of infertility for those women. If your kid turns out to be a stripper on her own accord, fine. But don’t teach her hoe shit before she takes the PSAT. Wait, I’m getting ahead of myself. At least teach the girl how to read the word Strokers before you start training her to work there.

The little boys humping the ground are no better. I want to toss a G.I. Joe toy at their dads…wherever they are. I’m not even going to touch on the other forms of eroticism in the video.

But they were obviously caught by the YouTube users cheering this on:

dem aint kids dey lillte adults my nephew 6 and kant do that now thats talent

lmao lil mama wit da beadz… lol bt tru dat … dat lil grlk waz gettn it lol

that lil boy is sexy, i kno i prolly sound like a predator but he can be my boyfriend numbah 2 LMAO…. he got down on da dance flo

I think I should title my book Some People Don’t Deserve Reproductive Organs.

I used to think outside of my nieces that I wasn’t kid friendly. Then I thought it’s not kids that I dislike, it’s bad ass kids. Now it’s dawned on me that I have no ill will towards any children at all. It’s their parents I hate. I’m not questioning the supreme being’s logic, but sometimes I wish God an imposed an application process for parenting.

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Do not laugh at me, my teeth, or my big ass Kool-Aid smile. Quiet as it’s kept, though I might be tempted to throw chicken grease at you for disparaging Queen Beyonce, when it comes down to my all-time favorite artist, those honors go to Murry Jay Bliiiiiiiiige.

I have the great honor of being the first guest blogger on the wonderfully talented writer and author, Aliya King.

It’s very likely she’s penned some of your favorite cover stories, and recently wrote the Faith Evans book along with the upcoming autobiography from Frank Lucas. She also has signed a deal for her first novel, so again, it’s a great honor to be able to have her tell me I don’t suck. Ha.

If you are an aspiring writer or just a fan of good writing, please read her blog. She can make the most random topic such an interesting read. That is what makes a good writer great and I hope I can soon write at her level.

That being said, click here to read the entry and show some love on the blog. Thanks, ya’ll!

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Despite the use of this picture and a previous post that may suggest otherwise, I don’t take any comfort in Ciara’s album dismal first week performance.

When she made her way onto to the scene five years ago, I appreciated her for what I thought she was: A young girl who wanted to be a star.

She didn’t have much a voice, her shtick wasn’t anything we hadn’t seen before, and even the song she debuted with was a rehash of two other Lil’ Jon helmed cuts. Still, you couldn’t help but root for someone who put that much energy into her stage performances. She was filling a void left by Aaliyah’s untimely passing and Janet’s unfortunate decision to embrace stagnation.

She seemed eager to please and ready to impress on stage. It didn’t hurt that her first studio was actually quite decent.

While I still maintain that “Goodies” is nothing short than the blue balls national anthem, I appreciated hearing a singer talk about not giving it up. The album overall had a Control esque feel to it, and even if she weren’t being genuine about her virginity ala Britney Spears, it at least seemed believable at the time.

Then only a short time later did she try to sell us on her evolution. It seemed as natural as the button on Michael Jackson’s face posing a a nose. I don’t care what black weaves, new tights, and Tina Landon’s choreography say — evolutions don’t occur overnight. Listening to her try to force feed audiences a tale of how she discovered her new self only fifteen seconds after we embraced the original let me know one thing: Ciara takes herself way too seriously.

That’s a bad thing for a pop artist. Especially one who doesn’t have any real clue as to who she is, what she’s about, and what her image should be. As one reviewer pointed out recently, Ciara’s pop-star facade has always been “vague and undefined.”

And what does one typically do when that happens? They turn to sex. It comes from the belief in the adage “sex sells.” One glance at Ciara’s last video and you can tell how she and her handlers decided how to handle this album.

Lose a few pounds.

Tone it up.

Get a little more limber.

Spread ’em wide.

Sex is certainly a way to get attention, but at a time when pornographers are not so jokingly asking for a bailout, when is it going to dawn on the already terribly behind recording industry that sex without quality equals another name on the increasingly growing list of flops?

The same goes for the theory that R&B singers have to crossover in order to sell records. When Ciara moved two million copies of her first album she did so on the strength of a ‘crunk music’ trend that was rooted in urban airplay that had pop stations run to them not the other way around.

Ciara’s choice to go into a more pop-dance direction alienated the very audience that made her who she is. While everyone talks about how great “Promise” is (and it is a great song), it only reached #11 on the Hot 100. By contrast “Goodies” was #1, while “1, 2 Step” and “Oh” each peaked at #2.

Yet I’m to believe the strategy of alienating your fan base to chase after an audience that would likely find you anyway if you scored a hit song is the way to go.

A sexual temptress can probably sell almost as well as pontificating prude in an industry where no one really sells anymore.

Though I’ve commented on how her bit now seems like an act of desperation from one trying way too hard, Fantasy Ride’s main failure is not in its image but this: It’s just not good.

If she wants to lick Justin Timberlake’s ear and be the co-star in her own video, fine. If she wants to pretend she’s always been this Madonna loving, comic book reading shero with an altar ego waiting to burst out and yack the yaki out of Sasha Fierce’s head, great.

Anyone who didn’t like it would ignore if the music was up to par. It’s not, hence everyone’s attention shifting elsewhere.

Fantasy Ride should have been one easy flight, but instead it’s marred in layovers. One minute she’s seductress, the next she’s a Europop dance queen, and another she’s channeling her inner crunk ‘n b star.

When she initially said she planned to split her album into three separate discs it seemed wasteful. Now I get it, but sadly, she still doesn’t.

She doesn’t understand that you can’t toss out multiple singles that genre hop everywhere but the format that made you a star.

It hasn’t hit her that a sexed up image alone won’t set you a part from all of the other sexed up thin-voiced R&B singers.

The people close to her neglected to pull her to the side to inform her that she’s going about being a superstar all wrong.

That explains why she can’t take constructive criticism and passes anything not praising her to high end as negativity. What an unfortunate opinion for someone who needs to be steered back in the right direction before she makes a permanent detour into irrelevance.

The difference between her and the people she grew up admiring (including those we’re just now hearing about) is that their transitions seemed organic.

Janet went from telling her parents that she wanted to be free to expressing hope for freedom for all to her declaring her right to be freely open about her sexuality. This happened over the course of years versus a few albums and meetings with stylists.

If Ciara read this, she’d call me a hater and keep going.

That’s fine by me because in a week she likely envisioned would place her at the top of the charts, she now finds herself sitting at the bus stop while Chrisette Michele drives off with her fantasy.

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