For Jaheem & Carl

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When I first started this blog I made sure to be as vague as possible about certain things. That had a lot to do with how I viewed myself professionally, not to mention on the personal side, I just don’t like telling a lot of people my business.

I’m a critical person, so I know exactly how people can be and what they will hold against you whenever presented with the opportunity. So despite being a pretty open person for the most part, there are certain things that I still keep from people. And just from experience, I know that if you give people just enough info they’ll learn to back off.

However, I’m sure if you’ve been reading this blog at least over the last year or so you have noticed I’m a bit more open and don’t hold back as much. Now if you’re thinking, “Damn, this is you holding back” uhh…kinda?

As blunt as it is, I love this quote from Teedra Moses:

“Just be your damn self. And if people don’t fool with it, then fuck them. Be yourself.”

In some ways, I’ve always believed that to be true, but I still let myself fall into the trap far more times than I would like to admit. But with every passing day I’m learning not to do that.

Unfortunately, two young boys recently made the decision that will prevent them from ever learning that same lesson.

I don’t want to get preachy, so I’ll just say despite however you may feel about gay people, two 11-year-old boys should never kill themselves for being called something they might not even be. And even if they were gay, no one should be taunting them to the point where they feel their only escape is tying an extension cord around their necks.

I love my people, but we can be such a hypocritical bunch and I find it strangely ironic where a lot of this hatred stems from. It is the very same thing that was done to us.

I’m not sure what will come of this for me personally or even professionally, but I hope that someone will take comfort in what I had to say in this piece.

Click here to read it.

Please read it, re-tweet it, pass it around, do whatever you can to get folks to read it and take it in. Seriously. I genuinely think it’s important for black people to start talking about this openly.

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