I Wanna Know

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1. Aren’t old people hilarious?

2. I know it’s not right, but am I the only one who has sang the lines to “My Flow So Tight (Anti-Breezy)?”

3. Whose millions did Farrah Franklin borrow to get on Millionaire Matchmaker?

4. Since when was Jesus into water boarding?

5. Did anyone else read D. Woods’ post on Global Grind and wonder what the hell she was talking about?

6. Hasn’t Twitter, vlogs, and blogs made it painfully obvious just how uninteresting a lot of celebrities are?

7. Got giggles?

8. How grateful are you to Maxwell for releasing an R&B song that doesn’t feature a rapper and doesn’t include some random reference to some designer shoe or bag?

9. So Happy Meals aren’t what’s up on the playgrounds anymore, eh?

10. How much longer is T.I.’s victory lap to prison gonna last?

11. Is anyone else intrigued?

12. What has 50 Cent done for us lately?

13. Am I the only one who never bothered to watch a single episode of For The Love of Ray-J?

14. Did you know that Beyonce will fire you?

15. Doesn’t this dude look a lot more like Keefla from Road Rules than ‘Pac?

16. Name three actual sitcoms worth watching.

17. Now that Lil’ Kim has managed to become relevant again thanks to her stint on Dancing with the Stars, how long will it be before Foxy Brown is on MTV break dancing with a group of Asian kids?

18. Isn’t it sad how Tevin Campbell went from being one of the most talented teen vocalists ever to morphing into Tyrone Biggums?

19. Who in the hell would want to buy a scented candle from Gary Coleman?

20. Even if you may have to run your iPod pass the free clinic, aren’t you loving Electrik Red?

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