Help Gabrielle Union Pick Her Jaw Up

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For more than a year now I’ve read countless celebrities bitch and complain about bloggers. One of the most outspoken critics of coloreds with cable connections is Gabrielle Union.Add Image

Let her tell it black bloggers are on par with crack dealers in on who’s out to destroy Black people.

Or more importantly, some talk about her in ways she prefer they didn’t. I wasn’t aware the woman was Jesus dipped in chocolate with a nice weave.

Here’s a thought, Gabby: If you don’t want people talking about you negatively, how about you not act in ways that make people wanna sing old ‘Pac (Track 4, Disc 02, All Eyez On Me).

Lady Simone, the entertainment reporter for the radio show “2 Live Stews,” had a story to tell on Gabrielle the other day.

According to Simone, while at a party for the Kentucky Derby, Gabby apparently confused herself with Angelina Jolie. It seems when an NFL player attempted to get into VIP to join his teammate already inside he was stopped by her.

She supposedly told him, “I’m sorry, honey, you can’t come in here. This is only for guys who make over six figures.”

His response: He pulled out a wad of cash and threw it into her face and then said, “I’m sorry, b—ch, I make seven.”

Gabby in turn lifted her jaw from the floor long enough to apologize to someone who likely has at least twice as much money as she does.

OK, I get it now. I’m a horrible person for posting about this. It’s my fault Gabrielle Union decided to become a bouncer in her spare time.

Last year, when she decided to speak out against bloggers, this is what she told AOL Black Voices:

“I almost get to a point where you can say whatever you want to say about me, but print some facts about our community that can help somebody. I don’t care because I combat lies. I really used to think that if you read it and you see it and it’s in a magazine, a newspaper or you see it on TV, then it has to be true. And it’s just not true! I don’t even know how to combat that except for do more good things for the people that I care about which is my own community.”

I wrote something the other day that I think will help our community, do I get a pass now? Actually, it shouldn’t matter because while I applaud her efforts to combat rape and breast cancer, why would anyone expect sociopolitical commentary from gossip blogs?

I’m not on the Huffington Post learning how to do the Ricky Bobby…stop, & pose for the frame, so why in the hell would I expect blogs centered on entertainment to keep up with the conflict in Darfur?

She continued to whine:

“Anytime you try to negate my voice and my character and what I stand for, you’re squashing all of the good work that I’m trying to do for our community.

No one is trying to stop her from her mission to be known as Sojourner Truth of Hollywood, but if folks are saying you have a stank attitude and playing yourself in public places, that’s your bad, pimpin’. Your rumored attitude does not take away from the good will you’re doing. On the other hand, those good deeds don’t excuse your nasty ways either.


“It’s sad that people who have that forum where you have all this traffic… If I really did get arrested or stole someone’s flipping husband and the wife was calling me, sure. So if I do it, talk about it. I own that, I screwed up. It’s never happened! Don’t create crap that is negating one of the few voices in our community that actually likes Black people, loves Black men and is trying to do something with our community and make changes. Don’t try to kill that voice along with your stories so that you can get a couple of more subscribers. It’s just bulls–t and its unfortunate,” she concluded.

What’s unfortunate is that people get a little fame and suddenly think they’re to be worshiped and ogled at their publicist’s request.

I applaud her for staying relevant in an industry that likes Black women about as much dogs love Michael Vick, but that’s not cool.

Maybe this is all hearsay, so if that’s the case then my bad. But if not, she needs a reality check. She’s not Halle Berry. Hell, she’s not Vivica Fox, so she better watch her mouth before some dude throws a whole of quarters at her big ass head the next time she decides to act saddity.

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