This Week In Negro Please

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As you know, although a few of his followers might brand me a heathen, I personally don’t think if God stepped into my room right now I’d get a back slap across the head. I think that has a lot to do with me not being a self-righteous jackass like so many people claiming to be God’s BFF.

That being said, I take issue with a lot of ministers who attempt to credit their asinine views with the Lord. I wouldn’t be mad if some started off their sermons and homilies with a disclaimer like: “Just so you know, I don’t know for sure if God would say this, so ignore my collar for a minute and let me speak freely.”

Or something to that effect.

I’ve become somewhat of a fan of Roland Martin on CNN because he wasn’t selling his race out for a TV show, actually made sense when he spoke, and doesn’t look like he’s ever worn a conk, S-Curl, or perm.

Yet I should’ve known he’d disappoint me the way many of the others have.

“I’ve called on pastors nationwide to stop the stream of momma, grandmother, aunts and female cousins coming to the altar for baby dedications with no man in sight. The pastor should say, ‘Until I personally meet with the father, I will not dedicate this child.’ Somebody has to hold that man accountable for his actions.”

There are a couple of things wrong with that statement.

1. This action would only punish the child, not the father.
2. If a father doesn’t bother supporting the child through parenting and covering cost, what makes you think a christening or in Catholicism’s case, a baptism, is going to compel him to show up? If he’s not worried about feeding the kid, what makes you think he cares about its soul?
3. So what if he does show up for a meeting? Who is to say that means he’ll stick around for his long term responsibilities?
4. This is just stupid.

Roland Martin is a minister himself so I feel for those sitting in his pews. This is why people are starting to give more churches the side-eye.

Jesus didn’t seem like the type who would say, “NO, I won’t baptize you!” when he rolled with hookers and hoodlums and shit.

If you have video of a preacher who won’t get on my nerves, drop it in the comments section please. I’m seriously open to listening.

That Joel Osteen doesn’t piss me off. He’s so happy and nice. It’s like God or his plastic surgeon gave him a permanent smile. I can’t frown at him.

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