The Grind

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Disclaimer: This video is not safe for work. In fact, I’m not sure if it’s safe period. Consider yourself warned, pimpin’.

One of my e-buddies is like the gift that keeps on giving. First she told me about the little chubber that could trying to rap, and now she’s sent me a video via Twitter of Spectacular from Pretty Ricky dancing around in his Victoria Secret panties soliciting sex challenging Bow Wow, Trey Songz, Chris Brown, among others to a ‘grind off.’

Yeah, that sounds like the beginning of some porno. Dude is already dressed for the part, so I guess in his mind it all makes sense.

Now, I don’t make it a habit to call out folks on here or any of my other writing gigs for being gay. Reason being is you never really know anything about a person until they themselves confirm it (or they’re outed by someone with video and audio). Sure everyone can have their suspicions, we can all play that game but for the most part, it’s hearsay. I’m aware.

Having said that, now ya’ll know damn well there are certain people that make you go, “Hmm, that person is stuck on same sex.” Your choir directors, preachers, uncles and aunts with long-time “roommates,” etc.

I understand that many hormone enraged teenage girls love them some Spec because he dances like he’s demonstrating how to have sex like a jack rabbit, but c’mon nah, who didn’t look at this video and be instantly reminded that the California Supreme Court is ruling on Prop 8 today?

Half of the people he challenged to grind on him this dance off aren’t even known for dancing. Of course, we’ve seen Bow Wow rock his index finger, then let it wave and sip in defense of Omarion, but yeah, that doesn’t make him Michael Jackson. More like Noxema Jackson.

Looking at some of the comments, I think some of them are pretty ignorant and hate filled, but beyond the e-thugging dimwits who probably sat there and watched the video multiple times, explain to me the purpose of a “grind off?”

Is giving peep shows to sell ringtones what’s hot on these internets these days?

And epic fail at him trying to sound hard challening grown men to a grind off. Shut up and twirk with a smile on your face like normal people.

P.S. I think homie stole those draws from the set of Electrik Red’s video for Electrik City.

P.S.S. Why did he tag Gucci Mane for this video? I guess if they were “roommates” in prison it could work out, but I thought he was still leasing Mya?

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