He’s Not A Monster, He Just Bites Like One

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I don’t wish failure on anyone, but I wish there was something that could humble Chris Brown.

I know I’m about to step up into a soap box, but when I read comments like, “Hit Rihanna for me one more time, Chris!!!!!!!!!!!!” I get angry.

If Chris Brown looked like Flavor Flav or hit any of the mothers of these young girls defending him to the death, I have a hard time believing so many people would rush to defend him.

Look at him, standing there in front of the camera reducing every legitimate form of criticism leveled his way as “hate.”

He is accused of beating, punching, choking, and biting a woman in a car in a public street. I don’t care that the woman in question is Rihanna. It’s a woman and as a man double her size and two times stronger than her he is dead wrong for beating her that severely.

But by saying this, I’m a “hater.” I’m the one that’s wrong. The one who should “mind his own business” given that I don’t know the “full story.”

I saw a picture, I read a police report, I’m well aware of the physical make up of the accused and the victim. I know enough.

There I go hating again.

I am so sick of that word. As I tweeted the other day, if you removed that word from people’s vocabulary for a day, chances are a bunch of people would be channeling their inner Helen Kellers.

I’ve read the comments from other bloggers making the case that it’s just as wrong for a woman to go at a man. I completely understand that sentiment, and wrote about my own experiences dealing with the matter, but let’s be honest for a change: I believe in equality, but I’m aware of genetics. Men are usually stronger than woman.

Should we all be open to the same opportunities? Of course. Are our punches gender neutral? There are exceptions, but in most cases, no.

Stop pretending otherwise.

Even worse is the belief that he should be given a second chance. Of course he should, but by that same token, can he show a little remorse?

To me it doesn’t matter how “crazy” Rihanna is. If she’s that insane, you break up with her. You don’t beat her down from head to toe.

Between him hitting the jet skis after being arrested, pleading not guilty to charges, and promoting his album in his very first public appearance since the incident, it proves that not only his is he arrogant and doesn’t understand the severity of his actions.

He believes he’s untouchable, and sadly because of his celebrity and wealth, along with rampant misogyny, he has reason to think so.

He’s been accused of beating up photographers in both California and Florida. He’s been accused of getting rough with a South African actress after she gave him the cold shoulder. He’s been charged with beating up his girlfriend.

What does he have to do to convince some that he shouldn’t be defended at every cost? Knock them upside their own heads?

Nevermind, that probably wouldn’t do any good either. Imagine those he hit would convince themselves that they had it coming.

The only Black celebrity who I’ve seen come out and publicly speak against Chris Brown is Eve.

Via her twitter:

hold on hold on!! im just gonna reach out to some of ya’ll out there and say this bluntly, why do ppl keep tryin to protect chris browns ass

hes guilty until proven innocent, and no man should ever raise a hand to a woman, im so sick of people kissin his ass..yeh i did just watch

a clip of him saying he isnt a monster…yeh motherfucker u are. let him or any other man come to me with power fists..id fuck him up..

and a message to rihanna…girl your beautiful and talented and u dont need a nigga like that around u…ur special and deserve better…

&finally,no we dont no wat happened that night, all i no, is seein rihannas beautiful face bruised and upset..thats enuff 4 me.

im glad yall agree with me…im so sick of the media trying to sugar coat a serious issue. thanks for your responses, keep them coming tho x

Finally someone with some melanin speaks up. Everyone else is either defending them in lieu of their own accusations of domestic abuse (Terrence Howard, T.I.), or playing the “no comment, Jesus bless him excuse.”

Yes, I hope God blesses him with mental counseling. It would seriously do him some good. He seems to be under the impression that everyone’s memory fades and that he’ll be back on top in no time. Yeah, those little girls may help remain relevant, but that mainstream crowd he was shooting for have officially gave him the finger.

Just look at the comments on sites like TMZ. They’re not amused, and if they’re not smiling, there won’t be many endorsement deals and big corporate sponsors for you.

Get cousenling, Chris. Do a PSA. Start a domestic violence charity. Try to act like you care that you beat up a woman like it was nothing then hit the skis at Diddy’s house.

But until that happens and Chris Brown stops acting like he’s King Jaffe Joffer, I could care less about his new album, whatever backflip he’s working on for his next tour, or any role he has coming up that his handlers hope will “repair his image.”

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