Blogging Betty

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I know, I know: “Where the hell have you been?”

I am sorry, but things have been busy, and well, ya’ll told me not to strip so I had to work my keyboard like it was a pole.

I’m definitely still planning things for this site and trust me when I say it includes a section for PayPal where ya’ll can toss your change into my account.

In any event, yesterday New Hampshire decided to be the sixth state in the union to “send this country to hell” as some of my kinfolk would say.

As I’ve made it clear repeatedly on this here site, I think everyone deserves the right to be miserable. I still remember having a polite debate with a friend (who will probably be somebody’s governor one day) who tried to drill it into my head why civic unions were an appropriate compromise on the issue of gay marriage.

After he finished speaking I responded with three words: Separate but equal.

He gave me that smile like, “Dammit,” and that was that. Civil debate. Yes, pimpin’, I can engage in them.

The other day, I spoke to another friend about my frustration with some religious people. Actually, wait, it’s not religious people per se. It’s people in general who basically regurgitate information passed on to them versus taking the time to learn about a subject before they pontificate on it.

In this instance, though, it just happened to be pseudo religious folk who know about as much about their faith as white people know about s-curls that irked me.

Naturally, gay marriage is a very divisive topic. I’m pretty sure many of you will not agree with my opinion on the matter and that’s fine, but I don’t care for when people cite the Bible on ‘traditional marriage.’

For all of the wonderful lessons in there, people neglect to mention how rape, abuse, and murder are condone in certain instances. Not to mention polygamy, incest, racism, and slavery. Indeed people pick and choose what to believe.

That being said, though this video is satirical, there’s often a lot of truth in humor.

I imagine some will object to this and speak of taking things out of context. To that I say, learn about the history of the word ‘abomination’ and then holla at me about taking things out of context.

I believe in God, I pray, and though I am not perfect, I try to do right by people.

At the same time, certain things never added up to me, and all jokes aside (yes, that includes the Betty video) I truly hope in the future we can have constructive debates about faith, and more importantly, how it affects our governing (which last time I checked, was still supposed to be done separately).

I don’t think religion is bad at all. I think the inclination to use it as a weapon against people, which has happened countless times over centuries, is awful.

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