I Need Answers

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1. Couldn’t Michael Jackson at least have purchased some Creole or biracial kids?

2. Shouldn’t Eve have claimed those tweets aimed at Chris Brown as hers considering she hasn’t been relevant since the launch of the Palm Treo?

3. Did Bow Wow really say “Can I get two snaps in the chat room?” the other day?

4. Though she may be pretty, am I the only one who thinks Cassie has the body of a transgendered Japanese man?

5. What kind of lucky charm does Janet Jackson have between her legs?

6. I still get confused. Is this what they mean when they say “cunt boots?”

7. Am I the only one who thinks that new Kelly Rowland song should be sent back to the 90s rave it came from?

8. Give me one word to describe this.

9. Jay-Z is a 40-year-old who dresses like he’s 21. Should I care what trends he wants to die?

10. If I released an album this week and it only sold 12 copies, would I still make the top ten on the Billboard 200 next week?

11. Doesn’t Lil’ Wayne’s “Kobe Bryant” sound like what if fellatio came with a beat?

12. As far as the pause police goes, isn’t the idea of keeping tab of any and everything “suspect” a pause in itself?

“I’ve been in the biz 17 years, so everyone is used to me naming my records. So I wanted to mix it up a little. I want whoever listens to the record to call it what they want, name it themselves based on what they feel listening to the music.”

13. What the hell is Pissy talking about?

14. How long before Rihanna starts wearing her hair like Little Richard?

15. Can Chris Brown at least show a skeet taste (© Kim) of remorse?

16. Why not get a matching bracelet saying “Shoot my ass?!”

17. Does anyone have an mp3 of the theme song from 227?

18. Am I the only one who feels like Twitter is ruining the mystique of some celebrities?

19. Speaking of Twitter, are you following me? (Self-promotion game proper)

20. Does she even bother trying to dance anymore?

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