Whoop Rico

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What’s going on readers? I thought we were better than this. Are you all punishing me for not updating enough? In my defense, I write a lot everyday. Plus, ya’ll know I’m training to get in go-go boy shape should this whole writing thing not pan out. Do you know how many trips to the gym and consultations with plastic surgeons that entails? Your man is busy!

I know some of you may be Lawry’s about me not posting enough, but c’mon nah, how could you keep this dance away from me? Do you want to know how I found out about this? My LA-based roommate had to fill me in. And she got it from some other person who knows very little about southern dances. That person only knew because she saw Elmo doing it.


Elmo knew about this dance before I did. That ain’t right, people. That ain’t right.

But you know what, it’s all good. I should be more engaged in this anyway. I get my morning jigs in, but I’ve been rocking the same old twirk to the same songs for too long. I needed to be on the hunt for new dances anyway. However, this right here isn’t going to cut it.

This dance reminds me that ya’ll are getting older. It’s like they took a beat, screwed it, then watched the “Thriller” video then decided to put a country meets retardation spin on it. Speaking of retardation, whenever they say “Whoop Rico” in unison, I want to pretend my wrist had a seziure, put it under my chin and move it back and forth really fast.

There is something really different about ATL dances. Ya’ll tend to be a bit more violent with ya’ll’s. I’m not sure who Rico is and why everyone wants to whoop his ass, but I’m not all that keen on learning this dance. I mean, don’t get me wrong, later on today I’m going to pay closer attention to the tutorial just in case, but still, that doesn’t mean I’m going to actually do it.

Not that they play anything worth dancing to in LA anyway.

In the future, though, don’t hold out on me. It hurts our ‘e-lationship.’

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