A Star Is Born

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Praise upon more praise to Brian from Concrete Loop for bringing this wonderful person into my life via his Twitter.

Normally, there’s only so much I can take from people I feel should come with a tiara and batteries (no offense, but I’m just a calmer personality is all), but how you can deny this man’s greatness? He is officially my favorite person for at least 36 more hours.

If you don’t know, lambs go hard. If you wanted to send someone to North Korea to tell Kim Jong-il to sit his munchkin stiletto wearing ass down and stop causing problems, tell this lamb that he said Christina Aguilera sings better than Mariah Carey. One swift hi-ya kick to the throat (not like he’d have extend his leg that high) from him is the type of unilateral negotiation we need.

Moving right along, as you can tell from the video, rlaehddnjs is a sassy one inspired by the queen of all things pre-teen. Evidently, homie doesn’t know English all well, but that’s OK, though. It’s not like the lyrics to “Touch My Body” are all that great of a representation of the language anyway.

Still, you can’t help but laugh at him repeatedly saying “ram it in my thigh” and talking about his one lonely curve. Jesus be a link to AZlyrics.com.

And check the choreography. Clearly he’s been attending the Mariah Carey school of dance. What a pity considering the Korean girl that used to always get on Soul Train probably has all of the free time in the world to get dude together.

Do you want to hear more of this diva? Of course you do.

Here’s another classic performance:

As you can see, dude goes all out. He stole his little sister’s shirt for this. If you can’t get enough of him, do check out his rendition of “We Belong Together.” I swear in the clip he’s wearing Barney’ s vacation shirt.

Hopefully this gives you laughs and you’re not looking at me like my brain cells have committed suicide. No, they haven’t but reading about Ayatollah Khamenei is depressing. This makes me laugh. So laugh with me.

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