Today In Stupid

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There are people over in Iran risking their lives to stand up for freedom while some of us are over here wasting brain cells shouting at a comedian who made a joke in poor taste that he’s since apologized for.

These misinformed minions are standing outside of David Letterman’s studio to protest in an effort to get him banished from CBS. Such a scenario is about as likely as Soulja Boy becoming a Pulitzer Prize winning author, but hey, who am I to tell people to give up?

On second thought, I’d rather flat out say these people need to find a new hobby.

Why is the woman at the beginning of the video claiming Letterman made a rape joke? He did not, nor did was Willow Palin at an American basketball game. Curse the person who let her non-reading self board the bus to bitch in New York.

Then there’s the old woman dressed like a bumble bee saying Letterman is too old to be hosting the late show. That’s like me saying Paula Patton is too black to be getting work as an actress. Logic fail.

Even loonier are the people talking about fascism. Why in the hell are you talking about fascism on a show that features the likes of Paris Hilton and Beyonce? Same for the idiot woman trying to call David Letterman’s child a bastard. If that’s the case, what are you calling Bristol Palin’s child — y’know, since you’re there supposedly to step up for the Palin family.

As for the fool talking about fascism and socialism rolling his neck and snapping his fingers at the black woman outside of the studio: Racist much?

“Close the borders. Save your children from David Letterman. He will rape them with his mouth.”

I can’t.

White readers – and I know ya’ll are here – come get your people.

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