Who Wants To Drive Down 1-95 & Blast Some Rihanna?

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I think it’s a good thing that Fist Brown’s case has finally been settled and we can all move on from stewing in our respective soapboxes.

To be frank: Reading some of the user comments on various blogs made me question everyone’s right to reproduce.

Take for instance yesterday where I read women saying Rihanna should’ve gotten community service, too. Excuse me, but I read Chris Brown beat her down, bite her ears and fingers, and told her he was going to beat her even more when they got home — which leads me to believe that he wasn’t a virgin in the ways of Ike Turner. Now, did Rihanna even pinch Chris Brown hard? Why should she work at soup kitchens when it was her who got banged up?

Oh, and then there are the people who say “Oooh, now the dirt on her is coming.” What is wrong with some of ya’ll out there in the world? Did your mama free base instead of breast feed? If Chris Brown really had anything to rationalize why he beat Rihanna like she bested him in a dance off, why on Earth would he cop a plea deal to a felony?

Chris Brown is now a convincted felon. How many packages of Doublemint gum do you think his newfound street cred will move? I’m not guessing as many as his own brand of soap on a rope.

You’ve got to be one delusional stan all caught up in his Kool-Aid grin (respect: I have one, too) to think he held back out of respect for her. If he respected her that much he wouldn’t have banged up her George Foreman (thank you, Mariah). And if he really had anything on her that devastating it would’ve come out by now.

She might have been the aggressor in many other instance, and she may very well be out of her mind as they say. But, in the end, he beat her down in his car on a public street so if it weren’t “as bad as the media (booga, booga, booga) had made it seem,” then he’d be copping plea deals to misdemeanors, not felonies.

They tried that and it didn’t work, so there you go. He’s now playing with his tour money.

Now I’ve admitted to my own shallowness at times. We all suffer from it in varying degrees. However, you have to separate someone’s pretty face from their actions. Especially if their actions result in you looking like a Crash Test Dummy the second they have a temper tantrum.

I’m going to pray, wish on a star, and drop pennies in the pond for some of you future frequents of the battered women’s shelters across America.

All jokes aside, your temperament disturbs me and it’s unfortunate patriarchy and the rampant misogyny in our culture has your mind remixed into thinking any of what Chris Brown did was acceptable.

While I don’t approve of what he did and how he showed no remorse at all, I also hope Chris Brown gets the help he needs. It’s for his own good anyway. If he even thinks about backhanding a girl he’ll be doing the booty do from his bunk buddy in jail.

His career won’t suffer too bad and as sad as that is, maybe it will dawn on him to finally speak out on what he did wrong. It’s not hard to forget no one is perfect, but it’s hard to embrace those who fail to acknowledge their transgressions.

And on that note, I’m done.

Image via That Bitch @ Rhymes With Snitch.

P.S. Is Chris Brown’s publicist kin to Rihanna? Why is he giving his songs titles like “Smash” and “Not My Fault?” Someone close to you hates you, Chris.

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