Gay Be Gone

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I could sit here and write a lengthy diatribe about this, but I’m not really up for it. Reason being if you feel a certain type of way about gay people in lieu of your religious beliefs (or convenient interpretations of said beliefs), then nothing I say will convince you that this video has got to be one of the stupidest things I’ve ever watched in my entire life.

I could invite those marred with strife over their tolerance of homosexuality (or engagement) conflicting with their Christian beliefs to watch documentaries like For The Bible Tells Me So, but I get the feeling such a request would fall on deaf ears. Documentaries have never been what’s hot in the streets.

Or I could invite you to simply forgo what you’ve been told most of your life, pick up the book and read it for yourself. Then do a little research, followed up with a second, third, and fourth reading. But reading is and always has been for suckers.

As is deductive reasoning apparently.

All I’ll say is that while I do get frustrated, as someone brought up in church, I don’t hate religion. I think it has value and has purpose. Faith is important for everyone regardless of what dogma it stems from.

However, I do loathe with everything in me how religion is used as a crutch by idiots to excuse their stupidity. I find faith with no sense of reasoning to be dangerous. History would agree.

I feel sorry for this kid in the video. Videos like this are the reason why so many people of various lifestyles succumb to mental problems, abuse, and misery.

Prayer can do a lot of things, but remixing genetics isn’t one of them.

Jesus be a damn clue.

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