Politicians Jig, Too, Ya’ll

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So it seems even politicians like to get their morning jigs in. Caught this video this morning and haven’t been right in the head since.

First off, let me just say that I love Ms. Bobby. While she introduced Hurricane Chris to the house she straight called them out like, “Don’t act like you haven’t heard it.” And she noted that they had cake in the back. That is some southern hospitality for you. She sounds like good people. I bet she could out booty do Soulja Boy.

As much as I love me some “Ay Bay Bay” and “Hallleeeeeeeee Berrrrrrrry,” I’m not sure if it warrants a proclamation from the Louisiana State Legislature for outstanding musical accomplishments. Then again, Louisiana is the land of bounce music, so in that respect Hurricane Chris is keeping the tradition of helping people to barack that ass and make it go Obama (deep sigh) alive.

I suppose it could be worse: He could be saying I’m gonna sell you coke, give you a stroke, then poke you with a hollow point.

Please note that the older paler gentleman reading Chris’ list of accomplishments before the House noted the position Chris’ video on 106 & Park. Someone twitter that news to Terrence J. and Rocsi.

As for Chris, you can tell that he is eating this up. And why shouldn’t he? He was called to the Lousiana State Legislature to be honored for a song he probably wrote in five minutes after catching the last hour of B*A*P*S on basic cable. I love that he tried to size up “Halle Berry (She Fine)” as a self-esteem boosting anthem for women.

In that case, are songs like “Monkey On That Dick” promoting acceptance of female sexuality?

I actually spoke with Hurricane Chris earlier this year. I helped do some of the reporting for feature on the southern dance movement for XXL. Chris is a nice dude. He didn’t take himself too seriously and I didn’t end the conversation feeling like I needed to send him some Dr. Suess (unlike some singers/rappers of every region). I’ve since made his quote, “You better respect it, check it, or get disconnected” my new life mantra.

I beg of you to please watch the entire video. This Negro performed most of “Halle Berry (She Fine)” before members of the state government. Then some member of the House asked him to make a song about someone else in the House because she’s fine, too.

Between this and Michelle Obama taking her children to get bodied last night at the Beyonce concert in D.C., you can’t tell me the jig movement is real. Stop sleeping.

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