LeToya FTW

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Do you ever just look at someone and think, “I want them to win?” That’s how I feel about LeToya. It’s not even because we’re from the same hood (Hiram Clarke, stand up)…well not completely.

With a personality like hers it ought to be hard for anyone to dislike her. She’s funny, she’s personable, and she’s genuinely positive. Even with her legal agreements with Papa Knowles and Destiny’s Child I am sure there are plenty of ways she could have still thrown them under the bus without being backhanded with a lawsuit. Yet instead channeling her inner bottle of Lawry’s she spoke kindly of them, her experiences with the group and continues to keep it moving.

To her credit, Beyonce and ‘nem talked much noise about LeToya and LaTavia — particularly in Destiny’s Child first VIBE cover story. Toya never responded to their comments, which in hindsight is very classy of her. Some people might have had someone they knew still on the DC staff put ex-lax in Beyonce and Kelly’s red beans and rice.

As far as a solo artist goes, I think LeToya has blossomed into a capable singer and performer.
I remember listening to the Anjel demo and she is now leaps and bounds ahead of where she was vocally at the time. I appreciate that Toya makes it clear that she’s no dancer, but has at least stepped it up enough to where not many would feel compelled to give her a Ryu-style kick for two-stepping and body rolling off beat. I wouldn’t be mad if someone launched a fireball into this dull crowd, though. They knew better.

I can recall how irritated I was hearing Toya constantly say she didn’t think she could be a solo star while promoting her first solo album. I wanted her to be more confident in herself, but judging from these two clips it seems she’s already there if not tip toeing around it.

I’m a bit cautious about LeToya Luckett’s sophomore project. I’m hoping she can somehow rebound with a big second single, create a buzz for her album and consequently move enough units to cement herself a spot in R&B. I would’ve launched her comeback with “Regret,” but “Not Anymore” grew on me and I’ve since become a fan of “She Ain’t Got Shit On Me.” I think each of these songs have potential if pushed properly. Sometimes I want to call her label up and ask the receptionist, “Why won’t ya’ll let my Clarke chick be great?!”

They’ve already blown it with Cherish, messed up J.Holiday’s momentum, so now I’m worried the same may happen to Toya’s Lady Love. Her flopping would make me kind of sad, ya’ll. The kind of sad you get when you want some Chick-Fil-A on Sunday but realize they’re only serving Jesus that day.

Why didn’t they drop “Regret” first?

I’m going to hold out hope that things will work out. What I admire most about LeToya is that she is a hustler. She’s done very well for herself despite being put out of the group at the height of their popularity. She’s opened up a business, had a solo successful debut album, and she’s starting to no longer be simply referred to as “that girl from Destiny’s Child.”

I really want her to continue to do better. Show those girls from Brownstone, Jade, and the members of Xscape who haven’t carried the seeds of rappers you can have a career after your girl group days die.

P.S. I hope I don’t sound more up her cooch than the camera man in the first video. I just like her is all.

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