Taking A Stand For The White Man

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Admittedly, I have slacked on political news for several months now. I’m aware of anything major going on, but I haven’t felt compelled to go deeper than the major headlines and write about something pressing issue because if I’m being honest I’ve become exhausted by recent political events.

I had reduced myself to getting a lot of my news from news sites and Jon Stewart, but even now I don’t frequent the Huffington Post or tune into The Daily Show the way I used to. I was aware via Twitter that Sonio Sotomayor’s confirmation hearings were going on this week, but I wasn’t pressed to watch any of it. The main reason is the most obvious: She was going to be confirmed no matter what. This was all a simple formality where Democrats would praise her to no end while Republicans would get their chance to bitch and complain about Sotomayor’s “wise Latina” comment.

When I did finally give in and turned on C-SPAN to catch a couple of minutes of the first hearing, I was immediately annoyed. These privileged, wealthy old white men had the nerve to try to pontificate about race and justice yet dance around (rhythmless) their own false senses of entitlement. Not to mention most of them showed themselves to be true idiots. All it did was make me mad and remind myself that if I ever do decide tobecome a Senator I damn sure better make it because if these dopes can do it, so can I.

Needless to say, I didn’t last long watching the hearings and didn’t bother to learn what was said. I did, though, stumble along this video from Rachel Maddow earlier tonight. I haven’t watched her show in ages, but I’ve always appreciated her debating style. She does so respectfully with grace. No yelling, no insults…just the facts.

Even though Pat Buchanan is a racist nut she treats him with dignity. Now, I could get mad about what Project Pat is saying in the clip, but instead it makes me smile. Listening to old white men whine about their plight lets me know that change is indeed happening. Try as he might to invigorate some angry white man movement, it’s not going to work.

Sooner rather than later they’ll be the minority in this country, and with each passing day we won’t have to look at things through their frame of mind.

He can try to dismiss Sotomayor as a affirmative action appointee all he wants. She will be Supreme Court Justice and she’ll have a greater impact on history than he ever will.

Enjoy the clip and just try to smile and nod. The Pat’s of the world see their time slipping away. He mad! Oh well. Maybe I need to return to my regular viewing habits. I need laughs like these.

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