You Don’t Need A White Hood But A Muzzle Would Do Wonders

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After being sucked into the wonderful train wreck of TV known as The Real Housewives of Atlanta last year, I started to watch the other editions of the series. Although not as engaging as the series in Atlanta or Orange County, I watched The Real Housewives of New York.

One of the personalities I took to most was Bethenny Frankel.

I found her sarcasm charming and the fact that she earned her own money without feeling compelled to be bound by any partner endearing.

She can now go <^> (think about it) herself now for all I care.

In some instances, some people outside of the black race get a little too comfortable and start to spew out “black speak” and other little stereotypes in a way that I can only interpret as mocking. Bethenny seems to be one of those people.

I first noticed Bethenny’s little digs at colored folk on The Wendy Williams Show when she referred to the Atlanta edition of the show as The Real Housewives of Compton.

I’m pretty sure Bethenny hasn’t been to certain parts of Brooklyn let alone Compton.

And then I noticed this tweet on August 13th:

Is excited to watch real housewivez in the hood now.will sheree put a cap in kim’s ass?just ate at dave’s grill in montauk. Finally did yoga

The second I read this I had to start playing “U.N.I.T.Y.” in my head.

There are more like these:

Is ghetto bc she gets ice&cups at montauk yacht club& makes her own cocktails.cheapskate!also hijacked chairs at name is earl!

I know the history of the word, but if we’re going by how the word is used now it’s evident she knows nothing about the ghetto and she’s using the word to be insulting.

Then there are her blogs on The Real Housewives of Atlanta on E! Online.

Sheree really has gone straight ‘hood.

Again: The hell does she know about the ghetto or the hood?

Perhaps there’s some hood in Park Avenue that I’m not knowledgeable of.

I thought that Sheree went from straight hood to straight ghetto while pulling at Kim‘s wig in the street. She then clarified to boo that her locks were in fact a weave, versus a wig, as if that were some sort of street cred. Wendy Williams has a wig, so in my book, a wig trumps a weave.

When Teresa flipped over a table at her own dinner party were the likes of Bethenny Frankel and small minded people like her talking about how “ghetto” she was behaving?

Why is this pampered princess with false senses of entitlement talking about street cred? Because Wendy Williams is her friend? Bethenny, Wendy is from the suburbs of Ocean Township.

If you want to talk about street cred, holler at your girl (is that enough slang for you, Bethenny?) Danielle from New Jersey. She’s the one with the criminal record and connections to drug lords.


On top of all of this Bethenny employs the tried and true method of disparaging people (especially those of color) based on their twangs.

These broads are more high school than we. Also, they literally don’t speak English. Rarely is there an actual sentence. When Kim is the most grammatically correct, someone should cash in a Fendi bag for an English class.

This is complete and utter bullshit. Tamra from the OC is not the most articulate person on Bravo. Neither is Ramona from NY. Kelly from NY can sound out her words just fine, but none of them tied together form a coherent thought.

Yet, because many of the cast mates of the Atlanta series have thick accents they’re easily written off as functioning illiterates.

Mind you, Lisa Wu Hartwell is from Los Angeles, has no identifiable accents, and is arguably one of the most articulate cast mates of any edition of the Housewives.

Try making fun of her accent the way you do Jill Zarin’s, Bethenny.

Or maybe you can teach all of them to be as classy as you, dear.

I love Nene, and she is a big bitch, but she is a Skinnygirl, too. She owns it. She works those curves, and only dogs like bones.

Oh wait. Nevermind.

Racist people never want to be called racist, but if you throw out stereotypes in such a casual way then it’s evident that you feel a certain type of way about black people.

Or if you’re not a flat out racist, you’re simply ignorant and need to be enlightened.

Whatever the case may be, Bethenny, have a SkinnyGirl margarita and shut your Jamie Kennedy of reality TV ass up.

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