Diddy Wouldn’t Be Pleased, Aubrey (But I Understand)

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When I watch this clip the first idea that pops into my head is to not burn Aubrey O’ Day at the stake. I’d much rather call up Aubrey’s publicist and beg him or her to go to seek a new career path. Evidently, public relations is not the field for them.

While I think it’s obvious that Aubrey would appear at the opening of a letter with bells on, why on Earth would her camp choose to book her on Hannity’s show? No good could come from such a thing. She would have done herself a favor grabbing a flip camera and shooting herself talking to a schizophrenic. The latter option would easily be a lot more thought provoking programming anyway.

But hey, what’s done is done and now Aubrey’s going to have to catch hell for daring to have an unpopular opinion that can be easily misconstrued by a media whore that’s built a career off twisting facts and inciting political hysteria.

I don’t really get the big deal, but that’s mainly due to me realizing this is more so an issue of semantics than a question of morals and sensibility.

Because the word “brilliant” has a positive connotation to it, those who feel the likes of Fidel Castro and Adolf Hitler are far too heinous of characters to have such a label attributed to them were bound to be up in arms in someone calling them anything but villainous.

Yet, had Aubrey used a phrase like “evil genius” to describe those leaders I get the feeling not many as people would be irritated by her comments.

To me, that’s plain silly.

Aubrey didn’t call these men good people. She didn’t say they haven’t committed crimes. What she said was they were brilliant, and honestly, she’s not wrong.

Yes, Adolf Hitler is a murder. A a mad men with the most evil of intentions. Still, this a person who used his oratory skills to command the attention and ultimately, blind allegiance of nearly an entire nation of people. People already pissed off about the results of the first World War, mind you. In that aspect, his ability to control and manipulate people to do his bidding suggests some significant form of intelligence that could be branded brilliance.

How many of ya’ll have gotten an entire nation to be at your mercy?

You probably can’t even get the girl at the drive-thru with the funky attitude to get your order right.

And my friend, the brilliant Shani over at Post Bourgie reminded me, say what you will about Cuba, but in terms of health care and education they exceed us.

Cuba may be stuck in the 1950s due to the trade embargo, but more of them can read in their country than ours. Do I want to move to Cuba and drink mojitos all day? Hell no, but that fun fact about their literary rates and health care stats is embarrassing all the same.

Not to mention, Fidel is certainly not without flaws (and then some), and arguably has not been the kindest towards his people, but Fidel is no fool. Moreover, need I remind you that many of those Cubans in Miami who are pissed at the bad girl of Danity Kane aren’t all that fond of people who look like me either.

Of course, not all, but let’s not ignore the fact that Fidel banished many of those Cubans who turned their noses up at that darker fellow countrymen. That has a bit to do with their disdain, but it doesn’t negate that Fidel Castro is no idiot.

So, needless to say, Aubrey could have chosen her words in addition to where she offers them a lot more carefully. However, some of ya’ll are acting like she said forget Jesus, Heil Hitler.

Last time I checked: She still loves God, she’s not pro-Hitler, and my goodness, folk, why be pressed about a pop star’s opine on the state of world affairs anyway?

Someone please make sure that Kim Kardashian keeps her two cents out of the health care reform debate.

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