Can You Jig For Jesus?

I converted to what some (re: my mama and ‘nem) would call heathenism years ago. It’s not that I don’t believe in God. It’s ya’ll’s asses I question. I’m gonna avoid a sermon, but I do my research so when it comes to distortions of text, hypocrisies of those that do so and other little instances that tick me off, game peeps game. Well…

Yet I’m not agnostic or atheist. Quite the contrary…I believe. For example, last night as I ran through a spiffy neighborhood listening to Crime Mob I looked at the houses and thought to myself, “One day I’ll be rocking my hips (then wave and sip) in front of these homes and the police won’t be able to arrest me because my name will be on the deed.”

And then as I ran on a main street and looked at the beautiful California sunset for one reason or another I could feel God. There has to be some force behind something so incredibly beautiful. Then I came home and discovered there was a screwed and chopped version of one of my favorite new songs, “God In Me.”

I had heard of this song months ago. I honestly couldn’t make out what they were saying initially. Forgive me if this is birdish, but I usually dance to a beat before I sit down and listen to the lyrics. Once I finally did pay attention to the lyrics, I wasn’t mad at them.

Now that someone has screwed the song I am officially in love. If ya’ll didn’t know before I am from Houston and I love screw. I don’t tolerate shade to screw ‘neefa. I like any and everything screwed. They could screw elevator music and I would probably go off before I reach the fourth floor. In a perfect world, the corny music they play when you’re placed on hold would be screwed, too.

So when you have a song like “God In Me” – which already knocks – it only goes harder when it’s given that H-Town treatment.

Is it wrong to say a gospel song is my shit?

After I did the aforementioned jig to “God In Me” I had to pause (no, not like that…stop it) and ask myself did I just secure a business class ticket to hell? People seem to really get caught in arms when the pro-Jesus jiggable tracks come out.

I have to be honest: I’ve never been a fan of the more contemporary gospel music. They’re usually like adult versions of Kid Bopz songs to me. The Frito Lay of music. That’s why I usually prefer my gospel songs sounding like they came from an era where I’d be washing massa’s dishes in the fall and winter and cutting his grass in the summer. But when gospel artists get going modern right, whew, they really get it right.

I can somewhat understand why some take issue with the song. When I told my friend, Brittany, that I love this song she told me that they played it during a Happy Hour she went to.
She told me the DJ said, “Aint no conflict! Aint no conflict!” After I tweeted about the song, someone hit me back with, “When I hear the song I always want to start singing, ‘Blame it on the goose…'”

And it just so happens Brittany told me after the DJ played “God In Me,” he played “Blame It.” OK, that’s just a bad segue. He could’ve played “Million Dollar Bill” or something then slide back into the heathen tracks. Still, I don’t find the song to be all that blasphemous.

From the sweat suit to the white tee to the Gucci
You can probably say people wanna get like me

But what they don’t know is when you go home
And get behind closed doors, man you hit the floor
And what they can’t see is you’re on you’re knees
So the next time you get it just tell ‘em

It’s the God in me, it’s the God in me

What’s the problem? Folks are acting like they’re singing, “My pussy so tight, my shit so clean…it’s the God in me.” I realize they could’ve made a song pointing out that our society’s obsession with things is wrong, but would as many people listen? They took materialism and tied into something more. What’s more than God?

I am waiting on news that’s very important to me. I have been praying about it, asking others to pray for me, and trying to be as optimistic as possible. Should I get the news I’m expecting the first thing I’m gonna do is get on my knees and say thank you. I suppose that in effect is the God In Me (Goodness that’s corny, but y’know what I mean).

Now, I don’t completely understand how blessings work. In this song this person who has the Gucci, signing checks with a whole lot of zeros, and nice whip is attributing all that to God. There are some people dirt poor who are probably more faithful than us all that may likely die poor. Why the Gucci girl is blessed and the other person isn’t, I don’t quite understand. It’s not necessarily for me to understand. But, what’s the harm about Gucci girl passing off the praise for what she has to God…to a danceable track?

Should I hear a remix that says, “Lucifer think he so cool, he think so slick, but I’m call St. Michael and Satan gon’ get clipped” I might throw Mary Mary a little side-eye action (and I still do for them likening homosexuality to murder and prostitution, but I digress).

Until then, I’m gonna jig this and be grateful someone is thanking God for their success and not Jay-Z’s dick (hello, Karrine).

P.S. I jig but don’t drop to this. To do the latter is begging for a meet and greet with a lightening bolt.

And can someone make an mp3 of this? Someone tried to send it to me, but it wouldn’t download. Evil.


  1. Keyashia says:

    1. I love your blog. It regularly provides my chuckle. I got hooked because of Whit and Britt.

    2. I was at the aforementioned happy hour with Brittany and I was outdone. This is one of my favorite songs. However I wasn't a fan of the DJ's decision to follow it promptly with Blame it. As a matter of fact, i'm not fond of mixing secular and gospel (no matter how modern) together period, but that just my own issue.

    3. Brittany and I decided it was a T-Pain mix and all T-Pain produced tracks were being played together (e.g. God in Me, Blame it, Buy You A Drank, etc.)

    4. Did I mention I love this Blog?

  2. Britt says:

    I do love that song, but I was a bit floored to hear it at the Happy Hour. I am with you he could have mixed it to a more subtle secular song. And no I don't have an mp3, lol!

  3. Anzania says:

    I don't know your email address….

  4. Michael says:

    Send! Send! Send! Thank you!

  5. babygirlja says:

    I once again agree with you. I see nothing wrong with this song, even though I gave myself the side eye for twirkin to it when I first heard it but I've been jiggin to it ever since

  6. Anonymous says:

    First I want to say I love you blog.

    Second, the devil can also make you rich (evil people can have money too)

    When we Pray to God that is good, but it is also about ACTION. If you are poor/not well off and your praying to God, but just kicking on the corner all day everyday not using the life he gave you why should He help? The people who are "rich" MIGHT have been doing things pleasing to God and when you do things that are pleasing to Him he will continue to bless you.

    There are people who can quote the Bible front and back, but that is not a guerrintee that they will go to Heaven. You have to believe what your saying and only God knows if you really mean it.

    It wont be easy, but it will be worth it.

    *Brown Suga*

  7. B.W.W. says:

    I wonder how much God would in them if they lost everything? I will never be rich and I will never touch a Gucci product but I still have a full and blessed life. I am really over this preaching prosperity crap. Life is so much more. But hey, that song be jammin'. Who care about the other stuff.

  8. Southern_Lady says:

    Love the song and anything screwed and chopped gets a thumbs up from me. It's just like back in 2000, I swear they put a bounce triggaman beat to Kirk Franklin's "Stomp." And yes, I heard it in the club (don't judge me. I went to school in Louisiana).

    I think the point of the song and even more–the beat–was to hook you and then listen to the words. I'd be lying if I didn't say I don't get crunk to this in the car. You have seen me when they performed it live at Essence Fest! I had already internalized the words though, and to me it simply says that all the blessings we have, though we may not really deserve them all, because of the God in us. Some people just have this "it" factor (even if they don't rock Gucci because I know I don't) and I think it's God shining through them.

    It's not teaching prosperity specifically. It's just words to a song. I believe that we all should be prosperous, but not in the big house/Bentley/Gucci kind of way. Prosperity is not as material as society wants us to believe.

    And lastly, would you send me the mp3, as well?

  9. J2201987 says:

    "That's why I usually prefer my gospel songs sounding like they came from an era where I'd be washing massa's dishes in the fall and winter and cutting his grass in the summer."

    *Falls Out*

    I'm more of a fan of the slower, older gospel songs myself. Personally, I believed (and can appreciate) that Mary Mary's purpose with this song specifically, was to attract a younger (hedonistic) crowd, first with the beat, and then get them to listen to the song's lyrics. A few of Kirk Franklin's songs were some of the first to do just that. People say it's innapropriate to hear such a song during "Happy Hour," but I guess the reciprocal of that would to play "5 star B*tch" during Church service, so I can understand that as well.

    I'll admit, when I heard this song earlier this year, I was a little afraid of it, especially when I'm doing something not Christ-Like (I'm a "Child of God" in training as well), but after watching them perform this on the EBT awards back in June, it's growing on me.

    For the song you can just use a Video to mp3 converter, it works just as well. That's what I just did.

  10. Anonymous says:

    "Is it wrong to say a gospel song is my shit?"

    YES!–and I'm agnostic!


    But seriously, now that you're in L.A., please steer clear of Crenshaw Blvd. I'm not trying to catch a case of collateral damage when that lightning finally strikes you for saying something like this. LOL!

    Love your blog. Keep up the good work!

  11. hollywudshuffle says:

    lol @ the crenshaw comment. god has a special covenant with anyone living between western and crenshaw….atleast thats what i believe, and im sticking to it!

    I love that song.
    however, I dont agree with it being in rotation at your local rays boom boom room.

    love the blog. be blessed.

  12. yours truly says:

    i won't lie, the first time i hear the original version, I was kinda mad it sounded so much like "Blame It". nonetheless it served its purpose and grew on me as well.

    really loving the chopped and screwed version. in fact i think i feel it even more than the original. :.o

  13. digigum says:

    HA!!! Contemporary christian music is like adult kidz bop songs? Where are you, we need to be friends!!! I couldn't have worded that better myself so I have to commend your briliant use of the simile. I feel you though, I like this song and I always got a little uncomfortable listening to it because they made a song with a jig-worthy beat, yet we ain't supposed to combine jigging and the Lord. I grew up in a strict southern baptist household and like you I've been a heathen for quite some time now. I believe in GOD but all these rules, regulations and restrictions make me wary of organized religious doctrines. The bible didn't say I couldn't jig, so jig I will and if I really feel it, I just might drop it too. I don't know if a lightning bolt will come down from the heavens but if it does then I'll know for sure, without any doubt I can't do that. I say if the music moves you do what feels right and I could care less what anybody else thinks about it.