Do The Libby Leg!

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That’s not exactly what the dance is called, but doesn’t that sound catchy? If not, it’s a pretty close second to its real name — the Liberian Whop.

I discovered this dance after checking out Quddus’ blog, The Q Side.

The dance itself reminds me of something I would do outside of a closed bathroom door when I had to pee as a child. There’s also elements of moves I’m sure somebody’s uncle (who prefers you call him something like “Jet” or “Sweet Uncle…”) will be doing once your auntie’s start trying to do the “Single Ladies” routine after that extra shot of Wild Turkey on Thanksgiving.

That said, I’d probably still do this dance on a public sidewalk if you took me to a good enough Happy Hour.

It looks a lot less complicated than jerking. And the Liberian Whop doesn’t require that I wear nut hugging pants that will kill any viable chance of me having children. I’d bust my ass trying to do what they’re doing in this video at the club anyway. All that bouncing around and shit. The hell I look like pretending hard wood floors are the trampoline remix?

The worst the Whop can do is maybe have me inadvertently bump my knees together. Thus, we have a winner in the Whop, folks.

I like to think that I’m going to end up international so as soon as I score that show, top-selling book, and Oprah’s touch so I’m going to need to be able to fly around the world be prepared to be regionally dance friendly.

Now I’ve looked at my Statcounter and I’ve noticed I have regular visitors from Romania and Malaysia. Also parts of the Caribbean, Asia, and countries my old geography teachers would be ashamed of me for never having heard of. How do ya’ll jig over there? Please send me videos and educate me.

Videos excluding porn, of course. I’ve noticed quite a few of my random Iranian visitors only come for the site looking for Beyonce or Britney Spears porn. That or monkey sex between Sarah Palin and Big Red (yes, Kool-Aid). Nasty, nasty.

Anyhow, I think it’s only right that I start incorporating international jigs onto the blog. I remember posting about some U.K. dance that basically encouraged migraine headaches. While it may not be my kind of jig, I don’t mind sharing it with ya’ll.

Send me more gems like this, please. It’s time that we all share the wealth. “Houston, Atlanta, Brooklyn to New Orleans” can’t do all of the work.

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