Shut Up

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I’m suspicious of people who suddenly rant about a community that they have no formal connection to and never pretended to care about previously.

I’ve never seen Adam Carolla on any black programming. I can’t think of any time I’ve seen him stand next to a black person. Well, there’s David Allen Grier but after Chocolate News in my mind he was placed into the racial draft and traded for Chelsea Handler. Anyhow, here is Adam ranting about how Tyler Perry is an embarrassment to black people with his stereotypical portrayal of Madea. This coming from the person famous for his role on The Man Show. You know, that brilliant piece of satire.

As I’ve mentioned previously, while I respect Tyler Perry’s ascension in the entertainment industry, I understand some of the criticism leveled against him and his work (but in principle, I say this about all filmmakers and creative people — people will always have something to say about your work, such is life). But, coming from Adam Carolla, his rant sounds like nothing more than some salty comic mad that Tyler owns his own studio, has his own brand, and making more money than him.

Being friends with Wanda Sykes is one thing (someone filled me in about another as I typed this), caring that much about colored folk on camera is another. I don’t believe him. The same goes for him calling Oprah to choose better pillars for the black community. Adam Carolla does the same level of sophomoric bullshit. For every Madea there’s an Adam Sandler, Rob Schneider, and 50 versions of The Hangover.

Nothing necessarily wrong with low brow humor, but really, start at home, Adam.

And did anyone else find it incredibly transparent when he quipped, “If YT critic says this he’s racist.” Thou doth protest too much? Even if he did suddenly develop some genuine concern about the images of people of color in media the fact that he had to argue whenever a white person says anything about black people they’re automatically branded a racist. That is, was, and always will be a crock. More times than not the type of person who makes that sort of comment feels a certain type of way.

The kind of way that would lead to comments like “Tyler Perry only makes money because he’s black.”

Because as you all know, being black is like a winning lotto ticket in this country.

May Madea meet his head with her frying pan.

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