Let Me Try To Be Nice-Esque

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I admittedly, haven’t given Chris Brown many compliments on my site. Well, not about his music anyway. Two years ago I wrote a review of his sophomore album, Exclusive, in which I explained my thoughts on Chris the artist:

It’s not that I dislike Chris Brown. He has many redeemable qualities: He can dance, and his performances are filled with a degree of energy lacking in a lot of today’s large crop of dull performers. I even get the feeling that he’s a nice kid, considering that I often see him with the biggest grin on his face. But, I’m not a judge on So You Think You Can Dance, nor am I voting for the superlative of “Friendliest”. I’m looking at Chris Brown as a singer and an artist, which therein the problem lies. There’s something about his voice that I just can’t get over. He can carry a tune, though in some instances I often wonder if he needed to take weight training classes beforehand to do so. This wasn’t a problem on his debut album as his pre-pubescent vibrato meshed perfectly with the fairly innocent material he was given.

This new album, however, is an attempt (by his pressing handlers, no doubt) to transition the young R&B star from teenage idol to adult superstar. Unfortunately, these transitions tend to be only believable when the artist comes to the table with maturation and their own vision of where they should go musically and visually. Exclusive seems aimless, an album where Brown is doing what he’s told versus being the anchor of his own ship. This album comes across as the brainchild of an A&R rep, with very little input from Chris Brown.

At the time, I would write he sings like his balls don’t hang, but they wouldn’t publish such a thing. Anyhow, my general opinions about his music haven’t changed, sans maybe he’s not as giddy as he smile suggests.

I don’t like this song. It’s the male equivalent of “Upgrade U” and Beyonce-devotion aside, that song irks the hell out of me. When I listen to my ign’t music I know what I’m getting. When I hear materialistic melodies like these by singers who boasts of crooning about genuine emotion and feelings (as most pop/R&B singers profess to), the second I hear these sort of songs I think to forward the mp3 to the IRS.

But, since I haven’t been nice to Chris lately (ever?) I’ll say this: The video is visually stimulating. Pretty colors, his choreography seems less and less like it’s been influenced by ADHD, and I’m sure this will help push a song that’s already a hit even higher.

Is that nice enough?

Wait, let me try something else.

Eh, I hope the video helps bring back focus to his career versus his controversy. That is, if he learns to shut up on Twitter and let his music speaks for himself. Seriously, can someone stop him? Posting videos of he and Rihanna is not going to help transform him from Ike Jr. back to Chris Brown. Someone needs to take his Twitter privileges away and send him to a writing session. He’s much better writing songs than he is writing tweets that’s going to piss off a judge waiting for him to violate probation.

OK, I’m done trying. The video is cool, I’ll never watch it again but I don’t regret seeing it. I can’t say the same for 95% of the videos I didn’t bother to finish watching this year. Or last. I’m at least curious to see him perform this live, and I bet he’s gotten Usher to run an extra mile this morning.

…and I’m even curious to hear his album (maybe the third time’s a charm).

Do I get an A for effort an F for…well, stans ya’ll got that.

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