Try Again, Gucci

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Because of a friend in search of a burgeoning trending topic, I’ve had the phrase, “Party, party, party, let’s all get wasted” stuck in my head for days now.

It doesn’t help that for one reason or another (OK, one: I listen to Gucci Mane daily) I’ve very recently started to randomly yell out, “GUCCI!”

In the middle of conversations. GUCCI! While trying to be deep thought about my work. GUCCI! On the phone with my mama. GUCCI! While I was praying last nite. GUCCI! As I type this blog post. GUCCI!

I think it’s becoming a problem.

I have to be honest with ya’ll: Up until the other day, I can’t recall ever hearing the song “Wasted.” Trust, I have downloaded several of his mixtapes.

I blast “How Bout U” really loud in front of white people. I fast forward to Kandi’s part on “Gucci Bitch.” I love “Trade Em In.” I’m well are of “Freaky Girl.” “Watch Cost A Bentley” is a recurring morning jig. And when I’m in a classical mood, I turn on “Go Head.”

So, I’m aware of Gucci’s work. But, when I saw the names Plies attached to “Wasted” I instantly ignored it. Gucci Mane is about as insightful as a big rock, but listening to Plies just makes me feel wrong. I can’t get over the fact that he sounds like an English teacher in interviews and a slave on wax. Never listening to the radio helped me avoid the song.

But after seeing #partypartypartyletsallgetwasted on Twitter so many times, I finally gave in and listened.

That’s my shit.

Now that I’ve actually heard the song I’ve confused about the point of this PSA. Was this supposed to make me appreciate sobriety more because it doesn’t? In fact, I wanna get drunk and watch Oprah now.

If you’re gonna drink like the white boys you gotta do PSAs like they do, too.

See the use of sarcasm, Gucci? Because of it I instantly want to go vote now. For what, I’m not particularly sure, but I know I wanna vote right this instant.

Yours makes me wonder if you’re about to go smoke weed and chase it with a bottle of E&J. I need you to do better next time.

Thank you for trying, though. At the very least, I’m sure one person took one less sip of that brown because of you.


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