I Couldn’t Resist

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I thought I could manage to let this topic die, but they just won’t stop talking about it.

Following Rihanna Stone’s interview with Diane Sawyer on Friday night, I can’t help but ask God why procreation didn’t come with an application process. Seriously, it’s fair to say he deserves a second chance. It’s only right that people give him the opportunity to move forward with his career. That I get.

But what I don’t and likely will never understand is how much venom Rihanna continues to receive from some people who feel it’s her fault that one night Chris Brown’s fist became obsessed with her face. While reading the Facebook and Twitter responses to Rihanna’s interview, I couldn’t help but long for sterile spray. That way, no matter how irritated I might get from some people’s blase attitude towards domestic violence I could at least take comfort in the fact they won’t be repopulating the Earth.

Sadly no such spray exists. So I’m left with apologists and overall dick riders. Yes, there are some who fit neither label, but they’re much quieter than the aforementioned.

I understand the methodology behind it, it still really irks me how hard people will go for a woman beater just because of the way he looks. If Chris Brown had the face of Gucci Mane, the complexion of Flavor Flav, and the same friendly disposition that causes him to beat on women when confronted about cheating, he would likely be on death row — at least when it comes to public opinion.

But he’s not.

He’s a light skinned pretty boy. The one with a nice build, great smile, and the energy levels of someone suffering from ADHD that makes for great choreography.

He even makes kids smile. He can’t be that terrible. Even if he said, “I’m gonna kill you” and placed his girlfriend in a headlock and proceeded to bite her ears and fingers like a fucking pound puppy. We all lose our temper, especially when [insert coded language] here.


He’s not the devil, it would be great if he goes on to correct his deep seated anger issues and help others, but none of that will negate the reason why he’s a convicted felon. I’m tired of people saying, “We still don’t know the full story.” People pick and choose when to jump into the Mystery Machine and channel their inner Scooby and Shaggy to get to the bottom line.

Then there are Chris Brown’s friends and employees, claiming Chris “made” her, alleging she’s “crazy” and using other phrasing that plays right into the blame the victim mantra.

I wish someone would let them and other fans know that flipping Chris Brown turning Rihanna into a pinata isn’t going to boost their chances of pursing their lips to Chris’ dick. It’s become increasingly difficult for me to remove my feelings about the debate as I take domestic violence quite seriously and personally.

I’m well aware that some women incite these violence in relationships, so if Rihanna hit him in the past she should acknowledge it. That way, people looking for an inch to give Chris Brown a mile can shut their happy asses up. As Sharon Stone’s lost black daughter put it on Friday, “So what if I did hit him. Does that mean I deserved what happened to me?”

Everyone has a right to their opinion so if you watched that Rihanna interview and thought to yourself, “Bitch,” “liar,” or something to that effect (which is what I read repeatedly verbatim), you’re entitled to hold that belief. I’m also entitled to wish people who think that way nothing but perpetual vaginal or jock itch.

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