Penis, Punks, and Pulpits

If topics such as the ghey and the church rile you up I suggest you not read any further past this sentence.

I try my hardest not to speak too openly about religion and sexuality because I don’t aim to offend my friends, readers, and fellow writers and thinkers. But I’m so sick of deeply closeted men clutching their Bibles and regurgitating distorted fables trying to vilify me because I’m at peace with who I am and they’re two Chris Brown clips away from bursting into the flamer they truly are.

Look at this overly emotional hypocrite. Donnie McClurkin is a queen if I ever saw one. The nerve of this man to fix his lips and wail his wrist around to say Jesus “cured” him of homosexuality and that everyone is still being fooled because God “didn’t create this perversion.”

This is the same person who compared homosexuality to diabetes once saying, “I don’t eat sugar, but it doesn’t mean that I don’t want sugar.”

So you’re naturally attracted to penis you pathetic preacher, but you resist the temptation to give into your natural urges. Your choice not to act on these desires doesn’t negate the fact they’re still there. Ergo, you were born in pursuit of the peen. Idiot.

If you think Donnie McClurkin has any person with a vagina thinking he invented sex I could probably convince you to believe I’m Kim Fucking Kardashian.

Let’s move on to his comments about so many gay youth being “broken and feminine.” OK, so the lack of black male fathers has created a climate in which more gay men regrettably feel as though they have to brace more feminine characteristics because it’s commonly associated with gay men. That is a problem, but he doesn’t state this from a place of genuine concern. It’s just another way for him to perpetuate a stereotype about gay men. The same way he did equating gay men with pedophilia because he was molested.

Yet, he fails to realize that he doesn’t adhere to the same heteronormative standards he’s espousing in the video. You know, crying like a “bitch,” whining like a lil’ “punk,” showboating more than a drag queen during a performance of “Freakum Dress.”

He speaks in a manner in which one can’t help but think if you squeezed his balls would Skittles pop out. I wouldn’t think to judge him for that as my voice isn’t exactly chopped and screwed; I, however, know better than to press for black men to live by an overly masculine stereotype that creates other problems in itself. If you don’t live by the same values you’re promoting shut your silly ass the hell up. Or get your wrist’s weight up.

The ironic part of it all is that if a man with long hair who wore open-toed sandals stepped onto the scene talking about love your neighbor a big chunk of Black folks would call him gay!

As for his claims to teach those about how to “fear the Lord,” – yeah I’ve always hated that.

I would love to engage people like him into a Biblical debate in which context, the history of some of these stories, and the rampant hypocrisies were fair game, but I know more times than not such a debate is pointless. People like this fall right in line because they took a figure that promoted love and used it to instill guilt, fear, and shame into the masses as the ultimate control mechanism.

Why is Donnie McClurkin ranting about the evil gay youth and not the people on Wall Street? Christ didn’t spend any time talking about those same sex seekers, but sure said a lot about the wealthy. Kind of like him.

I’d much rather hear about the jackasses on Wall Street who created the financial fuck we’re in at the expense of millions of people – to the point where we may now have a permanent underclass. I would think such a scenario would rile up Jesus more than say, a queen throwing a temper tantrum over the fact that people are starting to fight the notion of going against their natural urges.

Alas, Donnie would much rather talk about this wedge issue and play right into the hands of people who said they’re doing “God’s work” (Google that phrase + Goldman Sachs CEO). Not the people who went after black people purposely in their own places of worship to play them with a bad mortgage deal. No time for them, we got gays to go after.

Oh and but of course he uses Christianity to spread this message of flawed logic.

When are some of you silly Negroes going to realize that’s the exact same book that was used to enslave you and cart your ancestors off like cattle?

The story of Ham, and other little fun loving lessons like it’s OK to kill your slave because after all, it’s your property (like an Ox, or some other farm animal) so you can do what you want with it. So which one of you people who believe the book verbatim are gonna let me sell you off to slavery to pay off Sallie Mae?

There’s also rampant misogyny and other archaic rules that shouldn’t put a smile on the coloreds of today’s face.

Yet those stories are ignored and people like me are the villain.

Oh and gay women of course as he says, “”These young girls are just as bad as the boys in homosexuality, you don’t see it. They can hide … but there are some evil young hard butch girls.”

These are children he’s talking about.

I suppose the biggest irony of all is that the blog, Rod 2.0, points out, Donnie is making these comments at a venue that has been slapped with numerous lawsuits and criminal investigations centered on sexual abuse.

This is nothing more than yet another self-righteous, self-hating, two-bit preacher remixing a message that will bring nothing but more secrecy, more people turning to unhealthy vices like drugs and alcohol, and ultimately more deaths – either from suicide or HIV.

I know the type of men Donnie speaks to. Trust me, there’s a very special version of “God In Me” in their playlist. I wish more of us took the time out to think for ourselves and stop letting these people speak as if God just sent them a BBM.

He’s Ted Haggard in chocolate so don’t be surprised if he’s exposed for letting someone tickle his prostate in the coming years.

I don’t want to be civil about this. We need to evolve and move forward and not repeat the mistakes of those who bastardize religion to pin different people down. This man is a pariah.

<^> him…and not in the way he not-so-secretly yearns for.


  1. Brown Suga says:

    First off let me say that I belive in God.

    Mike don’t let people like him keep you from a relationship with God. I get fusterated with people who think gay people are the worst and pick certain scriptures out of the bible to make a point. it makes christians like me upset because that is not what its about. I wish I had all day to speak on this but to make a long story short…God does not hate gay people and just because you are gay does not mean you will automatically go to hell.

  2. It’s clear that this message is to validate his position. He is at war with himself and is using this place as a platform to sort out his demons. Its truly sad because some people are eating his little speech up what with all the theatrics and crying and all. He is in the closet, what’s done in the dark always comes to the light, he betta ask Terrell Carter. Hiding hide behind religion is a shameful sin. And now he wants to bring down other questioning children and young adults with him? No Bueno! Did you say the church is known for sexual abuse? Lord be a castration at that church HAVE MERCY THE DEVIL IS A LIE!

  3. the joy says:

    I totally agree with the first commenter. I find people who speak hatefully as the voice of God to be a detrement to those that really need him (everyone, really). I always say church is about you and the lord, and not about the people who are there. There need not be intermediates, especially not this guy.

  4. venusasaboy says:


    17 years of church NEVER gave me the holy ghost quite like this post did!

  5. babygirlja says:

    Donnie needs to sit his tangy ass down, ” I don’t eat sugar, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want sugar” DA HELL and I completely agree with Brown Suga, do you and don’t let these false prophets push their agenda on you and keep twirkin (or jiggin, what’s the difference, if any)

  6. Sunset says:

    Great post. LMAO at “get your wrist weight up.” I couldn’t watch the vids (phone is acting up) but what you quoted from him is tantamount to hate speech. Those “evil” young dykes? He’s talking about my fucking sister. Granted, she’s almost 30, but still. She’s faaaaar from evil, and she displays compassion and grace on a daily basis. Kinda like that Jesus guy.
    And don’t get me started on the whole “Fear God” issue. What about fearing the consequences of your actions? Or encouraging people to do right by others because it’s simply the right thing to do? Again, this is all stuff I think that dude named Jesus said, but, ya know, whatever.

  7. Heather says:

    Mike, you know I love you and think you are one of the most gifted writers and persons I’ve met, but your response to this message was equally as intolerant as McClurkin’s and at points vehement. How can understanding come from a place of hate (on both sides)? Jesus does in fact address marriage in Matthew 19:4-6. (that’s not to incite a riot, or debate, only to clarify.) So what does this mean? It means what truly matters is not our orientation or preference, but whether we’ll chose Jesus who saw us all for who we are, sinners, and still gave His life. I agree with the first commenter that our differences should keep no one from knowing God personally.

  8. n*i*poet says:

    Thank you for posting this. I’m so tired of people using their celebrity to spread stupidity and hate. How about the fact that there have been instances of homosexuality in nature. So according to Donnie, are these animals evil too? People keep contorting the Bible and taking it out of context in order push their agendas. Let’s not forget that although the ideals & lessons of the Bible are from God, it was constructed and written by humans (imperfect beings). Therefore it is not perfect; nothing man or woman creates is perfect. When will they learn?

  9. Michael says:

    There are also passages in the Bible that forbid women approaching the altar when they’re menstruating because they’re perceived as unclean, you can sell your child into slavery, and essentially beat your wife for being disobedient. If any instance occurs to you in your life, would you be so quick to use Biblical citation to justify it?

    Same for slavery, which was totally excused by employing a religious argument at the time.

    The problem I have with that frame of thinking is that it reads as patronizing. I love you despite….

    I personally don’t think the world was created 6,000 years ago, I don’t believe everything else verbatim, and I’m oddly curious as to why the story of Christ is eerily similar to Egyptian mythology that was created several years prior. That’s not worth debating, but point is if one is going to employ the Bible to argue their case at least have some nominal level of back knowledge. Thank you for the clarification with Matthew, but in another instant some person will bring up the word abomination — which totally had another connotation at the time. Which is why people eat shellfish with a smile on their face despite it also being referred to as abomination.

    Or that it was abomination to perform such sexual acts as a part of a pagan ritual — only Christmas heavily borrows from them.

    There are other questionable references, but to me the book is full of contradictions yet at the core speaks to the better sensibilities of human nature. Just like the rest of us. Flawed. It’s also historically been used to pin people down, which is why I take issue with Black folks of all groups doing so considering how its been used on us.

    I believe in God, and I think the life Christ lead is ideal, but I don’t believe in most of those who speak for God or Christ. And I don’t think I’m being as intolerant as Donnie McClurkin. His comments are akin to some Klan member calling me a baboon. How much tolerance can you have towards a person who thinks the other is subhuman?

    I don’t think Donnie is a vampire but I do think he’s someone who uses the pulpit to bully people into being as self-loathing as he is. He said gay people are vampires and referred to little tom boys as evil…children.

    I’m not doing that, but I’m not going to pretend that bottom feeding butch queen isn’t lashing out like this because he is angry he doesn’t get the same feeling he does grabbing his Bible the way he did with his ankles.

    As vulgar as that may sound, it’s completely correct. He’s bitter and this is exactly why people get turned away from religion. He paints every gay person under the press of pervert and sexual deviant. His story is not everyone else’s.

    Heather, I think you’re a great person and likely live closer to Christian standards so I take what you have to say far more seriously, but I completely disagree with the idea that I’m like Donnie. Donnie’s hate speech will cause some people to lose their lives over guilt they fear about who they are. I’m trying to help people live by letting them know there’s nothing wrong with who they are.

    Big difference in my own lil’ opinion.

  10. TNR says:

    First I can’t view his sermon so I am just going to go by what you said he said.

    Regarding his point about not eating sugar but still wanting it. I think that is a very honest point he is trying to make. We are tempted by the things we used to do. A drug addict at some point is going to want drugs but the addict makes the decision to change and not do drugs anymore. I say good for them.

    If a gay man or woman wants to change and not live in that lifestyle who are you to say they can’t change. Who are you to say they are wrong for wanting to change. Everyone should have to opportunity to change themselves if they want to without anyone saying they can’t.

    Like I said I can’t view the sermon, but as a Christian I DO NOT belive in hate and gay bashing especially young people. But I do belive that homosexuality is a sin and if a young person decides THEY want to change let them change. And if they want to continue in that lifestyle only GOD can judge them.

  11. Michael says:

    “A drug addict at some point is going to want drugs but the addict makes the decision to change and not do drugs anymore. I say good for them.

    If a gay man or woman wants to change and not live in that lifestyle who are you to say they can’t change. Who are you to say they are wrong for wanting to change. Everyone should have to opportunity to change themselves if they want to without anyone saying they can’t.”

    I didn’t say he can’t “change.” I said he chooses not to act on his urges.

    I said suppressing a natural urge doesn’t negate that it’s in effect natural. Some people are genetically predispositioned for addictive behavior. They choose not to engage in that behavior, but it doesn’t alter what they were born with.

    So when he speaks of sexual deviants, he is generalizing gay people, and when he speaks about suppression he’s indirectly confirming that you are in fact born with a certain preference in who you’re attracted to.

    If he wants to suppress what’s natural to him so be it. That’s his problem. But don’t throw out analogies that confirm the obvious then release embittered rants because you can’t accept who you are. Especially not in a room for an organization known for being a haven for closet cases and currently under criminal investigation for the actual sexual deviancy he’s claiming all gay people to engage in.

    If I went out and participated in the human slave trade (that still exists) people would call me all types of monsters, yet I could easily throw back your own religious text against you to justify my stance but I guarantee people would still call me a monster. People pick and choose what to say is OK in the Bible and what’s not based on whatever the societal norms are at the time. I don’t doubt for a second that ultimately attitudes towards gay will change and some other disenfranchised group will be ostracized and justified by religious dogma.

    His problem, like so many, is that if he were to actually own up to who he is and how he was born, it would likely change his point-of-view about everything he was taught to believe as true. For many people, the latter scenario is far harder to face than the homo in the mirror.

  12. Misty Knight says:

    I’m oddly curious as to why the story of Christ is eerily similar to Egyptian mythology that was created several years prior.
    Oh God YES! and the fact that Adam and Eve is eerily similar to a much older Sumarian fable. Or why the omitting of the Byzantine many holes… But I digress

    Donnie is no different than then the numerous Popes, and preachers that center thier whole ministry around thier own “inner demons”. I had the same problem with the pastor of my church. It seemed that the two biggest “Satanic threats” came from Homosexuals and Jezebels, and “haters”. Which I later came to found out were reocurring issues in his personal life.
    The problem I have is that these men are supposed to be leading thier “flock” to God but chose to use that time as some self-centered purging session. Not aiding in the spiritual enlightenment and growth of thier members.

    But to be fair, I think Donnie is confused about the origins of his sexuality because he was molested by a man when he was younger, and feels that encounter may have contributed to his attraction to men. So its not that surprising that he associates so much pain and negativity with it.
    I remember looking at a documentary about a young Mormon man who underwent electroshock therapy to rid him of his loathsome “urges”, after being ex-communicated by his own family.

    Unfortunately *Surprise* it wasn’t effective, and caused him more physical and emotional harm then anything. I kept thinking to myself “if homosexuality is a choice, then I’m pretty sure this guy would be straigh by now”. I never remember coming to a crossroads about my heterosexuality. There was no fork in the road with the signs “Enter Here For Menses” “Enter Here For Hot Chicks”. So why would it be different for homosexuals?

    Why some folks believe that people choose to be ostrasized, disowned, threatened, abused, and mocked is beyond me.

  13. TNR says:

    People pick and choose what to say is OK in the Bible and what’s not based on whatever the societal norms are at the time.

    True… I believe the entire bible is the word of God, I also know that man wrote the bible, interpet the bible how they wanted to, left stuff out that they didn’t like, but I still think it is the word of God. I rely on the bible but I also have a personal relationship with God and comman sense when it comes to some things in the bible.

    I don’t doubt for a second that ultimately attitudes towards gay will change and some other disenfranchised group will be ostracized and justified by religious dogma.

    Saldy I have to disagree with you on this statement. Every major religion not just Christianty thinks of homosexuality is a sin. It will never be accepted as right or normal.

    You will continue to have to write about gays and church for many years to come, and it is not just Christian thing, but I must admit Christians are the most hateful when it comes to this issue.

    His problem, like so many, is that if he were to actually own up to who he is and how he was born, it would likely change his point-of-view about everything he was taught to believe as true. For many people, the latter scenario is far harder to face than the homo in the mirror.

    I think he has to an extent, but he doesn’t know how to minister to other people when it comes to homosexuality. A preacher is/should preach that it is wrong but you can do that without using hate.

  14. Michael says:

    Most religions also think very little of women (which explains homophobia, because if often equates the two), allow slavery, encourage racism, and all sorts of things now considered wrong. Actually, some women can still be stoned to death for showing a calf muscle. Or be forcibly circumcised due to some antiquated mythology. Or in this country where we still have the death penalty. These books were written centuries ago and their attitudes reflect as such. Them being commonplace over time doesn’t make them right, does it?

    If so I’ll bring my slave to church next week.

    One thing I’ve noticed about various religious text is that they attribute very human-like characteristics to God. If you went by the Old Testament and to a degree the New Testament you’d think God was a vengeful egomaniac (in some cases). I don’t see God that way, so when I hear people like this spew hate I’m inclined to speak out. Doesn’t seem very God-like to me.

    I only write about Christians because I live in America. If I lived in Tehran where they round up gays, rape and kill them perhaps I’d talk about Islam. But, then again, Iran is upfront about being a theocracy. We aren’t. I write about what forces around me that cause people pain. This just happens to be one of many. If I didn’t think person’s religious beliefs influenced the laws that infringe on my rights or create a climate where people like me feel less than I’d sit idle and let people say whatever they want. But they don’t, so I’ll continue to say something and look for a larger platform so I can be even louder about it.

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  16. Gemini says:

    In ancient Native American society, homosexuality and cross dressing(trangender) was an excepted practice. Of course that all changed when Europeans invaded and totally destoryed the culture. All in the name of Christianity. Homosexuality is nothing new. Read your history people it will SHOCK you

  17. mellovirgo89 says:

    Michael, You have officially brought me out of months of lurking. I JUST now learned about the origins of Christianity this week, after years of being too lazy to research for myself. When you made the statement about Eygptian mythology I was like, “Ok, he knows what he’s talking about.” It was mind boggling to me at first that so many people are being deceived by these religions. However, at one point we all thought Pluto was a planet, so mass ignorance isn’t that hard an idea to grasp.

    Moving on to that horrible horrible man, Donnie. The thing that really just makes me want to punch him in the throat is who he is. Donnie is a gay man. Period. Being a gay young man myself, I believe that gay people are truly the only people that completely and personally understand how utterly impossible it is to stop being gay. For him to know that being gay is such a permanent part of a person and to still condemn these young people…’s just disgusting. He has been struggling with his sexuality for years, and he is familiar with the pain and depression that is involved with accepting being a part of the gay minority. Somebody tell me why he is knowingly putting other young people through the same hell he is going through. Why? And why is he attacking young gay people who have accepted themselves? Is he jealous that they have the courage to be themselves and he doesn’t? Is he jealous of Tonex?

    I need answers…

    Anyway, keep up the good work with the blog. (even though your Beyonce and Chris Brown commentary has me often gritting my teeth *lol*)

  18. KevMusic says:

    Michael, I simply want to say, thank you. Having grown up Catholic and attended Catholic schools (Kindergarden – Senior year High School), I could always regurgitate what was necessary to do well in religion class but always thought, “none of this makes any sense.”

    The books in the Bible from the apostles are not the word of Jesus but their recollection of their experiences with Jesus. Stories told for generations orally, then finally written down in languages no longer spoken and translated from that. The details of a story on the news can change from 6pm to 11pm and they’ve got copy in their hands. Imagine what changes when a story is passed around orally for generations and then translated to other languages. If you believe things don’t get lost in translation, you’ve obviously never watched a movie or television show with the closed-captions on. Further, Paul didn’t come along until after Jesus had died. Why should one care what he has to say? If I walked into a town and started preaching to people and saying Jesus came to me and sent me to deliver his message, I’d be carted off to the rubber room And let us not forget that the most popular Bible people are so willing to pretend to live their lives by is “The King James Version.” You might want to Google him before you put all your eggs in his basket.

    But what does “The King James Version” mean? It means there are other versions that aren’t as popular. It means that people who were not “sainted” or “blessed” picked and chose the stories they wished to tell to the masses. It means it’s not some sacred text passed from on high but merely stories used by people in power to control people with none.

  19. J2201987 says:

    I read that blog post by Rod 2.0, and I saw the videos, and I believe not only what most of the things he says, but how he says it, is absolutely ridiculous.

    Growing up, I too used to think the Bible was the “end all, be all” of all religious texts. That if you don’t follow it down to the letter, you would be on the fast track to hell. But as I grew up, as I learned about stories and other people’s experiences in life, is that the Bible, like other posters said, were written by many individuals, who may or may not have completely written down what should have been the absolute “truth” from God. Not to mention the various editions that have been re-written for each generation, possibly to satisfy said generation. I believe the Bible is somewhat the “Christian” rule book, and a great historical and literal artwork. Now, as I’m getting older, I’m learning that from what the Bible teaches (to me, in my own opinion) is to live faithfully, and have a HEALTHY love, fear, and respect for God and Christ.

    I think homosexuality has and will always have the entire world feeling some kind of way (especially for me, I had a gay friend growing up, and now we don’t speak because of our own ignorances) because it’s part of what said in the Bible (it being an “abomination” I know I’ve used that word in a post as well). I do believe, however, that we as human beings experience several emotions and urges we can’t control. I love shrimp and a honey baked ham for Thanksgiving, but of course that is seen as “detestable” to God, and my Father, is a dedicated Bible Scholar, only points out that because the swine is considered “Nature’s garbage man.” The point is that we all do things we shouldn’t do sometimes, and that we experience emotions we shouldn’t feel sometimes.

    My only problem with these videos is that Donnie is NOT making the situation any better (or wanting these young “evil” gays to come over to the “bright” side). Scrutinizing and villainizing someone for being who they are and what they are feeling (whether it’s right or wrong) only makes situations worse, which is why I feel like some gay people resent other people for not being either gay, or educated and open minded. He being molested only made him feel bitter, jaded, and torn between one side that’s perpetrating the so-called “fact” that if you are gay, you’re going to hell (yeah, like serial killers and money launders get a free pass) so he should be straight, and the other that if he allows himself to be who he is.

    As one comedian put it “Turning a gay person straight is like turning a straight person gay….IT AIN’T HAPPENING!”

    I believe that, especially in this time of false “prophets,” we can only live faithfully and keep prayer in full rotation, because God is the only being we individually have to answer to, not what you believe, but how you lived, and your relationship with Christ.

    and *dead* at “if you squeezed his balls would Skittles pop out”

  20. Taj says:

    I love how the Christians agree with you, yet still miss the point.

  21. Darby says:

    I think this clip from Grey’s Anatomy greatly illustrates exactly how to shut someone like him down

    On a side note, I’m mad – cuz you know I love “We Fall Down” and “Stand”…. ugh!

  22. Darby says:

    oops the clip didn’t post…

    here it is again (hopefully):

  23. Virgil Dean says:

    For that. FAIL.

    and to taj, And what exactly did us “Christians” miss? I also love how gay people have this “woe es me” attitude and act so hated like they are crucified on a day to day basis, yet the spew the same hatred for Christians or “straight” people who don’t agree with their lifestyle.

    You know and I know that regardless of who “off” the Bible may be, each story and rule does have a point to it. Oh, but you don’t want to hear “God created ‘Adam and Eve’ not ‘ADAM AND STEVE'”, right? How dare we “Christians” not believe in being gay is natural.

    Sure, I’ll agree that there is a such thing as natural urges, but don’t pick parts of the Bible that you do or don’t like. Either you are with us or against us (That’s what Perez Hilton says basically on a day to day basis, mind that he “disrespected” a whole race a few months ago).

    This man you are referring of to some degree speaks the truth. There would be the perverting of the minds to do all sorts of wicked things. But to so-called “call him out” on not being on “the other side” anymore because he realized he was winning his battle in one aspect of his life, is just plain childish, and if anything, you need a serious reality check on your life.

    “Squeeze his nuts and skittles will pop out”? Really. OK. Shame on this blogger for this post. It truly is the signs of the time.

  24. Spinster says:

    Well said, Michael.

  25. KevMusic says:

    I can only speak for myself when I say, I don’t have a “woe as me attitude”. Further, I don’t care who agrees with or disagrees with how I live my life just as you don’t care whether or not I agree with how you live yours. I’m too busy minding my own business to be concerned about yours. I usually don’t have time to preach about the unchristian behavior demonstrated by many who call themselves Christians but only want to vilify people with words from the Old Testement. But since you brought it up…

    Some of these “faux Christians” run from pillar to post screaming that the gays are the single biggest threat to an otherwise wonderful world but are mute when real threats like education and other necessary social and health programs are cut in poorer communiites. According to the New Testement, Jesus spent his adult life healing the sick, feeding the needy and speaking out against hypocrisy – “he who is without sin, cast the first stone.” And if one believes in the “point of the story” of Genesis, then one should believe that God created Adam, Eve and Steve.

    The bottomline is that while homophobia or bigotry towards gays is still the last accepted form of prejudice in this country, check your statistics to see which communities in this country are suffering the most on the economic, education and health fronts. After you find that out, you might want to shift your energy from the “fire and brimstone” rhetoric against gay people to something more positive and uplifting towards a community that needs it. That community just might be your own.

  26. TAE says:

    all I can say is woooow, this is a heavy subject and some of the comments on here are just smh, I don’t want to get personal with it because this is the internet and all but Virgil Dean? How dare he place shame on you for stating your own opinion, about your own lifestyle, on your own blog? Intolerant is not even the word, I can’t think of the word……Chrisitians don’t get it…..they really don’t using language like “you’re either with us or agianst us” come the fuck on….I believe in God and I was raised in the Southern Baptist church but there’s just some things I can’t stand. We talk about how God is love and to follow Jesus is to live a life of loving your neighbor, but only if your neighbor lives the way you think they ought to but then again we’re not supposed to judge but you’re either with us or against us? They say that a relationship with God is between you and God so it is a unique connection yet you’re judged based on the “unique” aspects of your personality. Religion really makes me sick sometimes, if I asked can’t we all just get along a religious person would more than likely tell me yes but with exceptions……but kudos on the post it was excellent, funny too, keep speaking your truth and know that God knows your heart and that’s ALL that matters……

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  28. Hojo says:

    judge not for you to shall be judged by the very law you use to judge others…we must learn to walk in compassion, everyone has a vice….all have sinned and have fallen short of the glory of god or simply put perfection. As a christian myself i was always taught love the person hate the sin…but nowadays people just want to compete..thats what i believe leads to all the hypocrisy