Penis, Punks, and Pulpits

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If topics such as the ghey and the church rile you up I suggest you not read any further past this sentence.

I try my hardest not to speak too openly about religion and sexuality because I don’t aim to offend my friends, readers, and fellow writers and thinkers. But I’m so sick of deeply closeted men clutching their Bibles and regurgitating distorted fables trying to vilify me because I’m at peace with who I am and they’re two Chris Brown clips away from bursting into the flamer they truly are.

Look at this overly emotional hypocrite. Donnie McClurkin is a queen if I ever saw one. The nerve of this man to fix his lips and wail his wrist around to say Jesus “cured” him of homosexuality and that everyone is still being fooled because God “didn’t create this perversion.”

This is the same person who compared homosexuality to diabetes once saying, “I don’t eat sugar, but it doesn’t mean that I don’t want sugar.”

So you’re naturally attracted to penis you pathetic preacher, but you resist the temptation to give into your natural urges. Your choice not to act on these desires doesn’t negate the fact they’re still there. Ergo, you were born in pursuit of the peen. Idiot.

If you think Donnie McClurkin has any person with a vagina thinking he invented sex I could probably convince you to believe I’m Kim Fucking Kardashian.

Let’s move on to his comments about so many gay youth being “broken and feminine.” OK, so the lack of black male fathers has created a climate in which more gay men regrettably feel as though they have to brace more feminine characteristics because it’s commonly associated with gay men. That is a problem, but he doesn’t state this from a place of genuine concern. It’s just another way for him to perpetuate a stereotype about gay men. The same way he did equating gay men with pedophilia because he was molested.

Yet, he fails to realize that he doesn’t adhere to the same heteronormative standards he’s espousing in the video. You know, crying like a “bitch,” whining like a lil’ “punk,” showboating more than a drag queen during a performance of “Freakum Dress.”

He speaks in a manner in which one can’t help but think if you squeezed his balls would Skittles pop out. I wouldn’t think to judge him for that as my voice isn’t exactly chopped and screwed; I, however, know better than to press for black men to live by an overly masculine stereotype that creates other problems in itself. If you don’t live by the same values you’re promoting shut your silly ass the hell up. Or get your wrist’s weight up.

The ironic part of it all is that if a man with long hair who wore open-toed sandals stepped onto the scene talking about love your neighbor a big chunk of Black folks would call him gay!

As for his claims to teach those about how to “fear the Lord,” – yeah I’ve always hated that.

I would love to engage people like him into a Biblical debate in which context, the history of some of these stories, and the rampant hypocrisies were fair game, but I know more times than not such a debate is pointless. People like this fall right in line because they took a figure that promoted love and used it to instill guilt, fear, and shame into the masses as the ultimate control mechanism.

Why is Donnie McClurkin ranting about the evil gay youth and not the people on Wall Street? Christ didn’t spend any time talking about those same sex seekers, but sure said a lot about the wealthy. Kind of like him.

I’d much rather hear about the jackasses on Wall Street who created the financial fuck we’re in at the expense of millions of people – to the point where we may now have a permanent underclass. I would think such a scenario would rile up Jesus more than say, a queen throwing a temper tantrum over the fact that people are starting to fight the notion of going against their natural urges.

Alas, Donnie would much rather talk about this wedge issue and play right into the hands of people who said they’re doing “God’s work” (Google that phrase + Goldman Sachs CEO). Not the people who went after black people purposely in their own places of worship to play them with a bad mortgage deal. No time for them, we got gays to go after.

Oh and but of course he uses Christianity to spread this message of flawed logic.

When are some of you silly Negroes going to realize that’s the exact same book that was used to enslave you and cart your ancestors off like cattle?

The story of Ham, and other little fun loving lessons like it’s OK to kill your slave because after all, it’s your property (like an Ox, or some other farm animal) so you can do what you want with it. So which one of you people who believe the book verbatim are gonna let me sell you off to slavery to pay off Sallie Mae?

There’s also rampant misogyny and other archaic rules that shouldn’t put a smile on the coloreds of today’s face.

Yet those stories are ignored and people like me are the villain.

Oh and gay women of course as he says, “”These young girls are just as bad as the boys in homosexuality, you don’t see it. They can hide … but there are some evil young hard butch girls.”

These are children he’s talking about.

I suppose the biggest irony of all is that the blog, Rod 2.0, points out, Donnie is making these comments at a venue that has been slapped with numerous lawsuits and criminal investigations centered on sexual abuse.

This is nothing more than yet another self-righteous, self-hating, two-bit preacher remixing a message that will bring nothing but more secrecy, more people turning to unhealthy vices like drugs and alcohol, and ultimately more deaths – either from suicide or HIV.

I know the type of men Donnie speaks to. Trust me, there’s a very special version of “God In Me” in their playlist. I wish more of us took the time out to think for ourselves and stop letting these people speak as if God just sent them a BBM.

He’s Ted Haggard in chocolate so don’t be surprised if he’s exposed for letting someone tickle his prostate in the coming years.

I don’t want to be civil about this. We need to evolve and move forward and not repeat the mistakes of those who bastardize religion to pin different people down. This man is a pariah.

<^> him…and not in the way he not-so-secretly yearns for.

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