Me Being Nice

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Do you all really think I hate everyone and everything?

Someone suggested such, but if you’re a long time reader you should know that is totally untrue. I like each of you for reading about all of the people who irritate me for whatever reason. And I like you even more if you agree with why I dislike whomever I’m talking about.

Kidding, well, not really, but I don’t mind if you post a discerning opinion on my site (hint, hint…some of you longtime readers).

Anyhow, just because I have something to say about someone in a given instance doesn’t mean I hate them at all. Granted, I am harsh in my criticism but that’s a reflection of my upbringing (cue the “woo, woo, woos”) not necessarily any particular contempt about a given celebrity, politician, or village idiot.

Now one legitimate criticism about me (hi, you) is that I never completely compliment the people I routinely jab at. When I have tried in the past I’ve noticed most people feel that it reads insincere. I can’t be mad at that because it often is.

So, I’ve decided to give myself a challenge: To offer some genuine level of praise to the ten most bashed people on this site.

That way no one can say all I do is clown these folks.

Some of them I like about as much as jock itch, others I don’t really have anything particular against. Ya’ll know I get at everyone – including myself – if I feel the urge to. Still, I’ve been mean to some people and THAT’S NOT NICE!

And on a blog called The Cynical Ones, shouldn’t kindness reign supreme?

OK, after you laugh at that question peep under the hood and watch me get my nice guy on:

Chris Brown

Goodness, this is hard.  Look before “the incident,” I never disliked him personally. I just wasn’t a fan. But look me not being a fan doesn’t mean I think he’s untalented. He’s not. He’s a capable pop singer (emphasis on the word pop), a solid songwriter, and a credible entertainer. Not good enough? Alright, I used to not be a fan of his dance style, but now I think he’s really shown growth. His moves are far more fluid and honestly, he’s the most exciting male R&B performer we have out now. He even has some decent songs (“Sing Like Me,” “Take You Down,” “Winner”) Am I a fan? No. Do I want him to go away? No. He’s good at what he does, and quite frankly, he’s one of the very few who makes any real effort.

Oh yeah, uh, he’s cute?


I won’t even pretend that she didn’t used to irritate me. I won’t even pretend that lately she hasn’t been losing my appreciation. Yet, like it or not, things would not be the same without her. Is she the most organic artist? Hardly. However, a lot of pop and R&B artists could stand to be as polished as she is. Rihanna’s style and attempts to try and offer something different are overall appreciated. She makes good music. She’s not boring. She’s young, so perhaps that has a lot to do with some of my gripes, but she’s still necessary. Overall, I’m happy she’s developed into a bigger star.

And she’s pretty.

Zoom, look at me go.

Alicia Keys

Her direction in music has changed, but I imagine after this new album she’ll return to what made her famous: soul –lite music. Like Rihanna, I appreciate what she’s trying to do. I’ll always be grateful to her for “You Don’t Know My Name.” It’s one of the finest songs to come out of this bland decade of music and shows at the core she has the potential to save our generation from being branded nothing more than superficial (as in R&B subject matter) suckers.

Karrine Steffans

This is hard especially once you think about my last entry about her. Wait, I challenged myself to give her a compliment. Must. Give. Compliment.

She’s articulate. She’s smart enough to take tragedy and flip it into something that could make her dreams come true. It’s not my way, but it was a smart way to build a brand. And I imagine she’s HIV negative. Gon’ girl.

Wait, that last line was mean-esque, huh? What I meant to say was she’s a proponent of safe sex.

Sarah Palin

On the Barbara Walters 10 Most Fascinating People special, Sarah Palin managed to work in references to family, Alaska, and her specialty, moose chili. When she quipped about how it was a great source of protein I rolled my eyes like they were in a dancehall. And that is my compliment to her.  How many unsuccessful vice presidential candidates can you think of off the top of your dome? Exactly. I don’t like her. She annoys the hell out of me. That doesn’t change the fact that millions more love her and they do so because she’s a boss when it comes to branding. You betcha.

Keri Hilson

“Hands and Feet” is an underrated classic (well, in my world) and honestly, she consistently writes catchy songs and has managed to make a name for herself as a singer. I don’t know if this counts as a compliment, but I don’t hate her (it was just that one blog I wrote really) and she’s cute, right? So are we good here because I gotta finish this?

Christina Aguilera

When she uses her voice correctly she makes beautiful music. I can close my eyes during this performance and think about my favorite person in the world.  Her attitude sucks, but her talent doesn’t. Yeah, I’m running out of good feelings.

Bow Wow

And I picked the best time to run out of them. Say, Shad is good looking, can act, and uh, is a credible thespian. Oh and my niece liked Rollbounce.

I’d be wrong if I added he got good hurr, too, huh?


I’ve been incredibly vicious with Ciara, but in my defense much of that had to do with me feeling like she was wasting her potential…among other things. Truth is I still think she has potential. She’s a good dancer, has great energy, and when recording music that best suits her vocal ability and dance style (Goodies) she shines. I just wish she wouldn’t try so hard because she doesn’t need to.

Like, you should be known more than Kim Kardashian’s new black friend. That’s probably the nicest thing I said this entire post, which means I’m done now.

If anyone feels  I wasn’t “nice enough” oh well. I tried, dammit.

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