Does Dorrough Hate Christmas?

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I actually don’t mind Dorrough. Much of that has to do with his song “Ice Cream Paint Job” was pretty much the only song by a southern rapper I could expect to hear in a Cali club. A lot of that had to do with the song playing with themes people in California appreciate, but hey I take what I can get out here. With respect to my Texas brethren this video is some bullshit.

What happened to hot hip-hop flipped Christmas songs like “Player’s Ball” and “Santa Claus Goes Straight to the Ghetto?”

Did we really need another reminder of how bad things have gotten?

It hasn’t really felt like Christmas for me out in LA (when it’s warm and sunny, how can you feel it really?) and this video only makes me look forward to St. Patrick’s Day (which I don’t celebrate). But since Dallas’ own wants to invoke the Christmas spirit in our hearts and ringtones, I’ll play along.

Since he’s talking about his wants for Christmas, here are a few of mine:

I want…

People to come up with new shit to talk about. Tell me you aspire for more than just a yellow bone chick with a face like Mya.

Video girls who can actually dance. People still do train for that (even if it’s watching The Players Club or YouTube), right?

A new word besides bitch to describe women. Perhaps something innovative like “female,” “woman,” “girl,” “lady,” person without a penis.

For that dude with the candy cane to sit down. And stay there, if you could be so kind, sir.

Cheap uninspiring videos to go away.

Less references to someone’s baby mama. Propose or pick up birth control and condoms.

For people who know damn well they can’t make a decent holiday track to stick to what they do best.

That’s all I got because quite frankly, this video isn’t worth anything else.

Santa’s going to leave a warrant on this dude’s Christmas tree for this bullshit.

Pop under the hood for real holiday songs.

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