Meet Momma D

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Meet a glowing, trill example of why no matter how hard we try there are just some things we can’t escape. Foolery from your people’s hood parents being one of them. Now, I of all people cannot talk about anyone for having a hood parent. My dad was christened the resident OG of my block since I can remember, and considering the folks who frequented our corner everyday of their lives (when I went home for Thanksgiving they were still there) it’s hard to argue otherwise.

However, while my dad may look like Katt Williams and still blast the copy of All Eyez On Me he yanked from sister back in 1996 , he wouldn’t cut up like this for the cameras. Then again, I’m not a rapper so I haven’t asked him to. I’m still leaning towards no, though.

I don’t know how I feel about Lil’ Scrappy’s mama. I’m intrigued that she looks like Dawn from Danity Kane. That is, if Dawn grew up in that Ninth Ward (it’s meant to be typed that way). I’m sort of happy that she’s sticking up for her son’s girlfriend like that. She did call her a bitch and all, but I imagine she meant that in a loving way? My dad once called me his n….you know.

Obviously, I’m also fighting feelings of embarrassment. I mean, this is worse than Frankie, isn’t it? Frankie can blame the rocks along with drinks that can be served on them for her antics. Momma D seems like she’d be this way sober. Or if she does do drugs, it’s probably weed — that she grows, cuts, and grows herself.

After reading some of the comments for the video, I noticed a few claimed she’s a legendary pimp of Atlanta. It started to make a little more sense now.

I asked ATL-bred resident, La, about this, and here’s how that convo went:

Me: Momma D allegedly used to be a pimp. So that explains it.

LA: Used to be? That bitch still got a stable full of hoes ready to trot the corner stallion style. Scrap ain’t making money.

Can someone in Atlanta confirm whether or not Momma D is still running a hoe ring to raise funds for Diamond’s solo ambitions?

And for the rest of you readers, are we laughing or on our knees thanking God for Michelle Obama…and our own mamas? I’m torn.

Leave your comments, but I warn you: Don’t get too slick. Momma D looks like her trunk got trouble and her tongue is hiding something lethal. I’d probably take her to the club.

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