Beyonce Promotes Popeye’s, Not Satan

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I don’t know why I keep doing this to myself. I imagine I could save more brain cells freebasing than I could watching some sophomoric nonsense like this. And yet, once I saw someone post this video I couldn’t help but look at it. I don’t know, maybe I’m seriously that much of a masochist. Or, maybe I simply want to understand why so many people have this undying need for a boogyman.

When I watched this video, I took at it as some sort of dark comedy. Beyonce using the treatment for “Video Phone” to serve Satan? Surely this is some brilliant piece of satire. It isn’t. This guy and his bad James Earl Jones impersonation are dead serious in trying to convince the masses that the occult is hiding in Beyonce’s twirks.

And like good little sheep who were never blessed with the gift from God called critical thinking skills, they eat this right up.

Mind numbing examples:

asian barbie: “i thank the all mighty for people like you keep up the good work”

Iwishyouallwell: Hi, You are right, i just saw the video. So stuped, she just dances weird (robotic??), she really cant sing and that stuped lady gaga is in it also. There is something totally wrong in this industry! There are wicked powers ruling!”

daltongang79: “Impeach OBAMA! Go to my channel, subscribe and find out why you should sign the petition. Please save Our country and stop the game playing all the lying!”

christinajhnstn: “this song was orginally WITHOUT Lady Gaga now shes added b/c they work together for one thing and thats lucifer..thank you forerunner”

agentzippo: “But Sin is a Moon god, being a sinner was a term for worshiping the Moon instead of the Sun. It actually means that Beyonce has been inducted into the moon cult.”

Do you see that? Beyonce’s whispering, “Sex it up for Satan” to GaGa.

I’m not going to waste time explaining why none of this makes an ounce of sense. I tried such in the post, “The Devil Isn’t In The Roc,” and people are still looking for satanic symbols in Jay’s latest video. Not to mention even in that post a few commentators were still convinced that something is awry with these sorts of entertainers.

As one put it:

I think it is sad that the idea is so far-fetched to you. There’s something decidedly ungodly and blasphemous about Jay-Z and his lyrics. I never heard him mention God or Jesus name (in thankfulness) except for the lyric about “life begins after church and Jesus can’t save you.” Being a devil worshiper has never been an unpopular thing in the entertainment industry, just look at all the old heavy metal rock bands. Regardless of what was on the youtube vid there are somethings in life you just can hide. If you love God its shows and if you don’t…eventually it will show as well…later for youtube and Jay-Z. I would advise you all to cut out distractions and READ your Bible and learn about our Savior and what time we as humans are in.

Not thanking God or Christ publicly doesn’t necessarily make one “ungodly.” It’s an opinion I used to hold about those who consider themselves atheists or agnostics. Frankly, I didn’t know any better at the time, but now I realize having  a different point of view about religion doesn’t make one the worst person on Earth. That’s a huge misconception among the faithful, and given religion’s role in history, a hugely hypocritical one.

As for those heavy metal rock bands, more times than not it’s just a gimmick and constantly works like a charm given that fear has been instilled in most of us since birth through religion, school, and typically every other major facet of society. Fear of the devil, fear of prison, or merely fear of asking the wrong question — it’s all boogy, boogy, boo.

When I looked at the responses to the Jay-Z video, I laughed because I couldn’t help but think Jay purposely did some of that to keep people talking. Works like a charm. Every. Single. Time.

I would touch on the Bible – particularly those stories that are eerily similar to some that came before them (and served the same purpose of spooking people into submission) – but I get the feeling most would think I was as batshit crazy as I think this guy in the video is.

Yes, even if my argument was presented with historical evidence I would be considered about as wise as the toothless old fool who tries to pop lock in a wheelchair for spare change.

Or I’d be dubbed the Black Bill Maher. I’m not sure which I would object more to so let’s not go there. Besides, as another commentator proved in that Roc post, imagery and a long running narrative are far more influential than anything I could come up with on my keyboard.

They wrote:

I agree 100% with Drea.

People always want to turn the other cheek when they hear something that just ‘can’t be right’. WAKE UP! There are crazy ass people in the world! Don’t you watch the news??? And, because this man has money he isn’t absolutely nutz?

Let’s deal on facts alone: this man has this shit on his shirt… says he possessed by spirits… uses blasphemy in his song… started Rockafella Record where he throws up a pyramid… I mean HELLLO, IS ANYBODY IN THERE? AND, Rhianna is a total whack job. I saw a picture of her with what looked like a crucifix around her neck. It was black with like hundreds of little AND big crosses around her neck. AND, Beyonce does not seem like awoman of substance. She exudes fakeness to me… I believe it SOMEBODY belongs to illuminati and he sure seems like a Real follower.

There are a number of reasons why a growing number of people are losing their minds, but it’s much easier to limit the discussion to some mystical conspiracy theory because it sounds a lot more interesting than having a conversation based on the systematic factors at hand that leave so many people in a clusterfuck. That conversation would take too long anyway, wouldn’t? We all know it’s much easier to ask God to break Beyonce’s fan and show her really really runs it.

You know, since Beyonce’s ego is so big you must admit, there’s a good enough reason to think she’s Satan’s bitch.

Just so we’re clear in no way am I looking down on either commentator.  At the same time, though, I do think each comment represents what’s becoming an even bigger problem for me as time moves on.

Nowadays information is abundant yet people prefer to channel their inner conspiracy theorists than seek it out. It’s as if people in this country are regressing while others in industralized nations are at least trying to move forward.

Or to put in simpler terms: This country is getting dumber by the YouTube clip.

To the point where I can’t even enjoy a Beyonce song without someone sending me a clip of some man who pulled a Masonic myth out his ass in order to make himself feel like he’s Nastradamus.

And it’s easy for him to achieve this feat because so many people are out there waiting for 2012 so they can prove Mayans and Hollywood studios right about the world imploding.

I’m not knocking anyone’s faith (I don’t think), but I do want to know this: After all these years, why are so many people actively looking for ways to be spooked?

And if we’re going to collectively be afraid, can’t we channel that fear towards something more pressing — like this country’s credit score?!

Believers, heathens, publicists for the Illuminati I’d leave to hear from you. Even if you’re going to throw spiritual shade. I’ll take it.

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