Know When To Hold ‘Em, Know When To Fold ‘Em

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I’m not one for discouraging a person to let go of their dream. To do so would be cruel and believe it or not, I do have a heart not covered in ash and hate. Yet, when it comes to certain people who fail miserably each and every time they try to dance, “sing,” or politic their way to success I wonder why no one has pulled them to the side to say, “This ain’t it, pimpin’.”

Like Omarion, for example. Bless his heart. He seems like a very nice guy and when he says he can dance better than Chris Brown he does so with such conviction you can’t help but hope the boy gets his dance-off.

Unfortunately, homie can’t sing. At all. I used to think there was a glimmer of hope in his vocal ability but alas, that doesn’t seem to be the case. Dude has such a nasally tone to him. It’s always tricky with people like that. They need someone to craft “hot fire” to distract you from the obvious. Songs like “Touch” and much of the 21 album were a step in a good direction, though no one seemed to buy them.

And that ya’ll is the problem – he doesn’t sell. Even when he makes a decent album (21) you all still won’t buy it. Oh and me, because I didn’t buy it either. Sorry, he dropped that disc before Amazon made mp3 albums for 3.99 the first week of release.

So he’s not making the label any money based off of units moved so what gives? Maybe he has a 360 deal or something where the label recoups money from him pop locking for the Dutch. Otherwise I don’t see how he keeps getting record deals.

OK, so there’s that, but is butt enough to keep you around these days?

Especially when you’re performing like this?! If you’re going to lip sync at least try to pretend you’re singing along. It’s why Britney Spears is Britney Spears.

Omarion, good  luck with your new album, but it’s a problem when your mama is the star of your performance.

To his credit, though, he has a much better shot at scoring an ounce of a hit (half is pushing it) than other people out there.

Particularly other people he’s worked with. When I saw the headline, “Raz-B Signs with Tila Tequila Records” I thought the jokes write themselves.

Part of the “press release:”

“I am very picky with who I sign because once I sign you, I will spend all of the money in the world to promote the hell out of you so that means you better know how to work it!!! Once a friend of mine referred me to check out RAZ B, I was astonished!!!!  Not only is he super sexy, he can dance his ass off, sing is ass off, and can write music that blew just blew my mind!!  Before signing anyone I ask myself ‘If I heard this song I the radio, would I like it?’”

If this isn’t a cry for help, I don’t know what is.

I’m still not even sure why Tila Tequila matters. What on Earth would give her reason to think she’s the Clive Davis remix?

There are plenty of other singers in the same predicament: Amerie, Teairra Mari, Christina Milian, etc.

Lord knows Beyonce taking a brief vacation won’t make that great a difference.

To be fair, most of these folks have enjoyed previous successes so it’s not completely right to write them off. It took Trey Songz a few albums before he really got on people’s radar. Labels don’t seem to have that sort of patience anymore.

Which means after so many failed singles, albums, and label drops at one point do you say, “You know, I don’t like chitlins, but it wouldn’t hurt to do a chitlin-circuit play?” You know just in case.

This isn’t limited to just entertainers either.

I’ve been following Harold Ford Jr.’s sudden interest in running for NY senate and I’m baffled.

This guy is stuck in a DLC-centered time warp that makes him think it’s still 1996 and triangulation – complete with Republican impersonations – is the key to prominence in national politics.

He talked all that pro-gun, pro-God, anti-homo, anti-choice rhetoric when he ran for senate in Tennessee and was taken out by one miscegenation-themed ad.

He then ventured into political commentary on MSNBC where he got on my damn nerves instructing Barack Obama to take the same advice that sank Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

Now all of a sudden after three years of staying in New York he suddenly wants to follow Hillary’s plan to win a Senate seat from a state you barely know about.

At least Omarion knew to work with Gucci Mane to get a smidgen of radio airplay. Thus far all Ford’s done is try to ice skate around his record on abortion and gay marriage.

I know in his heart of hearts Harold wants to be the big time national player in politics he was destined to be. Obviously, he’s not going to be the first black president as Slick Willie Clinton predicted. But he can still be a big name, right?

Maybe, but I don’t see it for him in New York much like I don’t see it for half these singers who soon be engaging in knife fights to sit next to Lil’ Mama at the judges table. He’s already got a long list of folks saying, “You and that part of yours need to sit down.”

Much like the aforementioned flops, when the people scream at you (repeatedly), when do you need to heed this blog entry’s title?

Alright now you’ve heard my say so now I’d like to hear from you.

Am I just being an old grouch and I need to keep hope alive (shout out to Jesse) or am I on to something about some people needing to take the hint and hatch up a new career plan or at least a better marketing one for the job they have?

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