Everything That Matters

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I’ve been meaning to blog about Monica’s reality show for some time now.

I watch it week after week more so out of loyalty than for entertainment value. As my friend, La, put it, it’s like watching grass grow (and she’s a fan, too). Not all the time, though, especially not when she’s in the studio.

But that’s neither here or there. I don’t want to spend too much time talking about what went wrong (or didn’t) with the show. Or how her album may or may not do. I think one big confusion about a previous entry (and that may be my own fault) was that I placed the emphasis solely on sales.

No, not even. What I meant was if an artist with nominal talent at best (re: their asses can’t sing) is given a big budget to go work with all of the top producers and still can’t manage to get a big hit and churn a profit (numerous times) then why do they still have a record deal?

That money could be better spent elsewhere – namely on someone who can actually sing. Likewise, the time invested in cultivating these people whose singing voices can best be described with the word “ribbit” could serve greater use over helping someone else. Yeah, like Monica.

Granted, the blame cannot fall completely on the label, but when I hear a song like “Everything to Me” all I can do is get a little Lawry’s that I don’t hear songs like this on the radio anymore.

I’m not one for writing big odes to nostalgia, but dammit, why can’t half these clowns on the radio actually sing anymore? Why can’t they make me feel anything remotely real like they used to?

I know the song is a familiar sample, and for some that means Mo’ loses a few points, but hey, just listen to her. Doesn’t she make you feel something?

I refuse to sound like a simp on my own site, but the song makes me think about someone. Doesn’t matter who, it’s just the point – I can immediately get a feeling about the song and make it relatable. It brings out every good feeling I’ve ever had. I can always relate whatever emotion I’m feeling to a given song (or 12) and Monica’s voice on this song brings out the best of them (say aww and I’ll curse you smooth out).

I love music so much, but one reason why I popped, locked, and dropped the idea of being a music writer many many years ago was that you can see the change in contemporary music and how it was starting to become as pleasing to the ears as a can of dog food is to a human stomach.

Let me stop now before I pull out my cane and start talking about the “good ole days.”

I’ll simply say it’s nice to hear an R&B song from a mainstream artist that isn’t marred with some unrelated 16 bars from a given momentarily hot rapper.

Better yet, it’s better to hear an actual R&B song period. I’ve long grown tired of the trend of the genre-hopping pseudo R&B singer. I get it: You like trying new things. Go back to trying what works.

If you’ve yet to hear the song in full, check it out below:

She could stand to add another minute, but I still adore.

Please say you do, too.

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