Bad Kitty

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I only remember who Kiely Williams is for two reasons. One, she’s a Cheetah Girl and at one time my oldest niece was obsessed with them. To the point where I watched their movies over and over again. And then again and again and again. But, I didn’t complain — at least she didn’t want to watch Maury.

The other reason is that a friend of mine once sent me a video and mp3 of “Neva Get Enuf” to prove Kiely’s other group, 3LW, had a lick of talent and some decent songs. For the record, the song was cool but it reminded me of why I always looked to her and every group that she belonged to as “kiddie.”

Which is why this song has thrown me off.

“Last nite I was drunk, I don’t remember much, but what I do constantly picture is just how gone I was [paraphrasing — she’s mumbling]. But he was tall and was buying, so I gave him a trying and said he was built like a stallion…and that man wasn’t lying.

Last I remember I was face down, ass up, clothes off, broke off. Even though I’m not sure of his name he can get it again if he wanted cause the sex was spectacular.”

And if you listen to the track you’ll note she then she proceeds to moan like Brittany the Chippette during an extasy inspired orgy with Alvin.

You can’t go from Disney to free clinic in this short amount of time. It needs to be gradual. Why? Because there’s no way in hell I’d let me niece listen to this and overtly sexual subject matter alone won’t garner an adult’s attention.

Everything these days is oversexualized. To the point now where X-rated songs can seem more desperate than shocking among listeners. It’s not fair for me to tell Kiely to stay singing to tweens, but it’s not wrong to suggest she brainstorm over the best way to describe activity between her legs.

It’s certainly not the introduction included on the YouTube page for this video:

Kiely Williams Ex Cheetah Girl has now become a Cheetah Woman.She holds nothing back as she now breaking into her own person and showing the world how versatile she can be.This pop,techno song is definitely going to be a club-banger.

I feel for those who automatically assume talking about sex makes you a grownup and easily more interesting. I pity those who still believe selling sex automatically breds success. My friend and great writer, Clover Hope, eloquently expressed a sentiment I constantly share (and hope people finally get) in her most recent piece for the Village Voice:

We know that most of America prefers their pop stars provocative. (Pazz & Jop voters, too, though they define “pop star” differently: Their alpha female was Neko Case, who imagined herself as both a tornado and a man-eater, and threatened to “punch you in your face.”) It’s the reason Madonna and Janet and now Lady Gaga found success as sex goddesses constantly offending the status quo. But the constant in those cases is great songs—sexuality is secondary, though it’s made to seem prime.

Based on what I’ve seen Kiely’s a good dancer and would probably make for a good performer (she entertained my niece and her friends for several years anyway). Her voice, while not breathtaking, is no worse than the other crows out there pretending to be songbirds.

But if she thinks selling sex alone will give breathe life into her post-Cheetah Girl career, she’ll be waiting longer than Naturi’s replacement for the next 3LW album.

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