Where’s He Going With This?

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Forgive me if I’m guilty, but is it wrong to automatically rule out a song called ” Hey Daddy (Daddy’s Home)” when it’s common knowledge that the daddy in question is currently changing the diapers of two little kids?

I really enjoy Usher’s music. Well, the first four albums anyway. He lost me with the ode to Tameka, but that was more of an issue of execution than direction. It’s not fair to say a divorcee with two young sons can’t still sell himself as some club hopping eternal bachelor. You know, a shell of his former self.

Sure, he can do that but that doesn’t mean any of us have to buy it. I meant that literally and figuratively. That said thus far I’m a bit lost on where Usher is going with this new album. There are lot of different songs floating around and all of them venture into separate directions.

“Papers” is the unclaimed half-sister of “Confessions (Part II)”. There’s the song “Lil’ Freak” with Nicki Minaj that I loveĀ  despite not being used to Usher cursing at me about three-ways and hand jobs.

That would have me thinking Usher’s really trying to pursue a raunchier sound this go round to mesh with the current top R&B male artist — the unapologetically oversexed Trey Songz. But then I hear “There Goes My Baby,” which follows the tradition of his previous hits and I get stumped. “Foolin’ Around” follows a similar format with its woe is me the cheater subject matter.

And then I see this video. If I’m not mistaken, the radio version of this features Catfish Mouth. Oh wait, forgive me poster, Mrs. Future Plies, I meant your future fake pharmacist, Plies. Let me stop “bringing another black man down.”

Thankfully I see Plies was left out of the video, but his lack of camera time doesn’t motivate to get into this song. I don’t know, ya’ll, “Hey Daddy (Daddy’s Home)” just seems sort of there. A few months ago Bryan Michael Cox told MTV News that Ush made the record because he’s “in a place where he really wants to express what’s going on in his life.”

I’ve expressed more about where I am in life while in the drive-thru line at Jack in the Box.

I’m surely not ready to forget about Usher altogether. There are some good new songs out there and it he sounds pretty good on the “Invented Sex” remix. But if this album is going to be stuck on him wanting to bone every chick in the world before his nanny shows up (or hell, he might want her to) then I’ll just say he better be glad Chris Brown’s still reeling from having fist of fury.

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