Child Abuse Is Not A Ticket to 106 & Park

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If you were accused of breaking both arms of your one-year-old daughter along with one of her legs, three of her ribs and her collarbone would what you do? If you’re stumped don’t fret, I have a few suggestions:

1. Kill yourself.

2. Kill yourself slowly and painfully.

3. Wait for the gas chamber to do the deed.

Whatever option you choose be certain it results in you no longer gracing the Earth as a walking, talking example of human trash.

That is, if you’re guilty. Should you be found completely innocent I suggest you reevaluate the relationships you forge with people and look into some serious couples counseling.

But if you’re actually evil and twisted enough to brutally beat a defenseless baby, please run into a speeding Hummer barefoot on a hot summer’s day.

At the very least, don’t do some stupid shit like the following:

Now I’ve driven by Johnnie Cochran’s law building a few times so I think that qualifies me to offer a smidgen of legal advice.

I don’t know Kesan Moore. I never watched From Gs To Gents so I can’t say anything about his character or the one reality producers helped him play on TV. All I know is that he’s been accused of beating his own child. That in of itself suggests something’s not right with him. He’s either cruel or careless — two qualities that should result in automatic spaying.

Whatever lead to his daughter’s injuries will be up to the po-po, judge, and potential jury to decide, but here’s one thing that I hope can be agreed upon now: It’s stupid as hell to create a video based on serious legal allegations involving your child.

Or so I thought.

Making matters worse is that judging from the commentators of this video he’ll be further convinced he should do more stunts like this.

I saw some fool say we don’t know what happened, let God judge them. Bitch shut up before a thunderbolt cracks your damn skull in the next storm.

As far as Kesan and this track: Uh, the media doesn’t care about you. I bet every news anchor that read your name in reference to this story hadn’t a clue as to who you were before they saw their script.You’re not even on Tila Tequila’s level. Why would there be a media conspiracy against you?

The only people gunning for you are the police and if you’re proven guilty then I’ll be tempted to send those dudes some donuts after conviction.

Is he really filming him turning himself in to the police while giving a radio interview? Like he literally took the time to plan a music video out in response to allegations he almost killed his own child. This is the type of subject matter that requires wardrobe? Is this real life, ya’ll?

What would possess a person to see this as an opportunity to spit hot fire? Fool, call your lawyer, not a producer.

If he turns out to be innocent, fine. But no parent ought to be using this as a means of generating buzz for their would be rap career.

Please oh please let a microwave heat up and destroy his sperm like a Hot Pocket.

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