You’re Not Jesus

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I haven’t been much in the way of practicing Catholicism for quite a while now. What’s quite a while? Uh, I didn’t know Ash Wednesday was this week until about 36 hours ago. Please don’t tell Mama Sinick. A lecture is sure to follow and it would hop, skip, and jig around the theme of, ‘I don’t want you to go to hell.’

Anyhow, while I’m not going to even pretend that I plan on giving up anything for Lent this year I will encourage Christians, and well, everyone with a belief in something or nothing to give up bullshit like this for Lent and hopefully the rest of their lives.

Kanye West did this years ago. Jay-Z already refers to himself as Hov. 2 Pac was paraded around as Messianic well over a decade ago and now lil’ sperm dropper is joining in on the action.

If there was ever a dick-measuring contest of great proportions it’s comparing yourself to a deity-like figure in your art.

Explain to me why Lil’ Wayne is comparable to Christ? Jesus would’ve paid attention in his D.A.R.E. classes, probably wouldn’t have gave New New the business, and I’m highly doubtful he would’ve been into the idea of face tats.

Most people do this for shock value but given so many either ego-strong individuals have already done this, isn’t his cover more of an example of parading around a stale concept?

Is there no other way to get people to take notice than putting yourself on a cross like the fake ass martyr that you are? If Wayne is not responsible for this cover art, my mistake. But to whoever that conceptualized, designed, and approved of this, Jesus be a strong karate chop to the throat. And new ideas.

This short and sweet rant has been brought to you by sometime heathens with clues and fears of lightning bolts.

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