Fool of the Day – James Harris

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I don’t have a problem with black conservatives in theory. That is, those who fall in line with the pull yourself by your own bootstraps philosophy that conservative ideology is largely based on. I disagree with it as it relates to the role government should have in most instances, but I get it.

Yet for the life of me I’ll never understand these silly colored conservatives who spew out as much of the nonsensical bullshit as their common sense deficient white counterparts do. Most specifically, the asinine accusations and dimwitted theories related to President Obama. I would like to give them more credit than that, but again and again I’m shown instances that tell me that I shouldn’t bother.

By no means do I think the name Barack means, “Slim, Trim, He Is Who Without Sin,” but really, did this jackass just suggest that Barack Obama has something to do with the increased incidents of domestic violence?

He can’t really think something that stupid, can he? I imagine he’s simply saying this for the sake of of garnering himself attention. As pathetic as that may be it at least alleviates my fear that someone slipped wite out into his mama’s breast milk as a child.

Or maybe he is really that simple?

If you don’t remember James T. Harris, he’s the guy who stood up at a McCain rally and said, “I am begging you, sir. Take it to him.” Him would be a then Senator Obama.

I think the left side of my brain tried to commit suicide after seeing that video played over and over again throughout that day’s news cycle. Stupid is as stupid does indeed.

Speaking of stupid, the other day I was greeted by a conservative writer who purposely misinterpreted the recent gallery I wrote for The Root. He tried to say that I placed black conservatives on the same level as dictators. Nevermind that the gallery specifically noted that it spanned pop culture and politics and that those on the list only had one shared characteristic: they’re perceived to be embarrassing.

Truth be told, it wasn’t my idea to include the dictators as much of the post was done in jest, but really, their inclusion didn’t really negate that the gallery was obviously intended to be tongue-in-cheek. And to be blunt, if you see Dennis Rodman, O.J. Simpson, Clarence Thomas, and a dictator, do you really think they’re all equally as offensive?

It would make too much sense to just go with something plainly spelled out to you as is. No,  you have to go one step further and remix it so it can point to your invented truth and give you something to bitch about.

This was a white conservative writer, mind you. Apparently he was picking a “fight” all in the name of defending Clarence Thomas. Of course, Alan Keyes was also on the list but he sure did leave him out of the “argument.” I’m sure Alan wouldn’t mind, though. He’s an obedient pet for the GOP.

I suppose the same can be said of James T. Harris.

I guess if you can’t beat ’em you pretend he’s helping others get beat. Funny how the party of personal responsibility never wants to accept responsibility for its actions. One thing that isn’t funny is how ass backwards so many of the talking heads are.

I’m not shocked that this stray from the last presidential election would mouth of this nonsense, but I still find it no less pathetic.

Do people have no shame?

No need to answer, I know. I want advocate violence in a post themed around heinous accusations of helping facilitate it, but I’ll just say I wouldn’t be mad if his tongue ran away from home the day of his next booked appearance on Fox News.

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