I Need Answers

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1. Was this performance a skit or did J.Lo mean to sound like a cat with throat cancer on purpose?

2. Although Wacka Flocka Flame might be telling the truth when he says he’s always reading, is it wrong to still think he talks like someone who only reads coloring books?

3. Why are people still denying Beyonce’s vocal ability in 2010?

4. Who else can’t wait until Alicia Keys goes back to soul light music?

5. As technologically breathtaking as it was did anyone else find themselves laughing while watching Avatar?

6. Toni Braxton still seems to be stuck on the sex kitten bit. Is she trying to be the Blanche Devereaux of R&B?

7. How much longer do we have to keep entertaining the Tea Party Movement?

8. Considering he’s about as hard as RuPaul with Melyssa Ford in his lap, isn’t it funny to see Omarion play a thug?

9. Is it safe to talk about how awful Wyclef has been sounding lately or do we still have to be polite and play deaf?

10. My mama has finally found me on Facebook. Has yours?

11. How did “How you doin’?” morph from a stereotypically way to call out gay men into daytime TV’s sweetest catch phrase?

12. Can the ground please stop moving?

13. Can the same be said of Quentin Tarantino’s tongue whenever he decides to start speaking in his “blaccent?”

14. Why won’t the mainstream press give black women a break?

15. Be honest: Have you been working on perfecting your Nicki Minaj impersonation, too?

16. How afraid should we all be about fast food restaurants now gleefully put huge posters that read “We accept EBT?”

17. Fellow Toyota customers, are you making this face, too?

18. Who else is over the cell phone pictures of celebrity crotches leaking to the Web fad?

19. When is the last time you’ve hit someone with the flex?

20. Are you happy that I’ve finally posted video evidence of me jiggin’?

Bonus: How did you discover The Cynical Ones? Just curious. =)

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