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I’m trying to type this without sounding like I’m filled with tang, but dammit, why don’t some of you like this video? What’s wrong with you? What is there not to like about this video?

It’s weird? It’s Lady GaGa. Stop it. It’s too long. It’s a mini-movie, enjoy the production value you attention deficit disorder suffering doof. OK, that was a little mean, but well…ten minutes isn’t going to kill you.

I also stumbled along up this opinion via MTV News:

However, Jess Wachtel had a more cynical view of the nearly ten-minute long video. “Looks like BeyoncĂ© and her put together a video to sell some records,” he said.

Oh my God. A pop star is trying to sell records. The world is changing so drastically. I don’t feel like I belong anymore.

Then there’s the part about it not making any sense. Well, GaGa tried to explain herself:

Yeah, so I have no idea what she’s talking about right here so I’ll give you detractors this one.

Such points won’t go to those who hate the product placements in the video. Normally I’d chime in and co-sign those sentiments, but the music industry is suffering so unless you want GaGa’s next video to be shot with a Flip cam watch her eat that Wonder Bread and enjoy her stunting on you heauxs in her Chanel shades.

As for the Beyonce can’t act comments:

Do that move for me this instant.

I don’t get the opinion that Lady GaGa deserves a Golden Globe yet Beyonce should never open her mouth unless she’s singing again. What I took from the video was that it was campy, over-the-top and very B-movie so in terms of acting I’m not surprised either one of them were performing the way they did. Silly me, I thought that was the point.

Anything else to me reads as nitpicking. That and I realize that when it comes to Beyonce people like repeating the the same talking point just for the sake of repeating it. Although I think outside of Cadillac Records she’s yet to really be challenged as an actress, I know that the perception about Honey B’s acting ability is so strong that even if she were to go on and wow most audiences in some role there will be people who still swear she’s Fantasia’s understudy. It’s evident by some people still claiming Beyonce can’t sing.

Hit yourself again if you think that.

But let me stop now because I tend to think people that don’t like Beyonce at all are lame. There, I said it.

As for GaGa, if this video doesn’t make you go Goo Goo for her there’s no hope.

I get that everything isn’t for anyone, but as a person who grew up at a time when music videos really mattered I appreciate GaGa for keeping the spirit of the music video alive. I loved the small homages to Michael Jackson and Madonna because honestly no artist since GaGa has really created videos anywhere close to their respective levels.

Beyonce’s certainly capable of such and I hope GaGa has inspired her to place a greater emphasis in the production values of her videos in the future. I respect the less is more approach, but a star of Beyonce’s caliber can afford (figuratively and literally) to think bigger.

I love this video. I love the visuals, I love the choreography, I love the way the product placements were done (they were tasteful, considering…), and I love the fact that two stars of their levels can come together not once but twice and there be no issue.

Just imagine what it would have been like had Janet and Madonna done a video together. Or even if Michael Jackson would’ve originally kept Madonna on for “In The Closet.” As much trash as people throw my generation’s way, I’m glad two of its largest stars can at least say their egos didn’t prevent them from making art.

Blah, I sound like I just left the set of one of the shows on the TGIF block so I’ll quit while I’m ahead.

Basically, this video is everything and if you don’t like go watch it until you do.



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