Stop Talking To Them, Man!

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You don’t have to watch more than a minute of this video to get my overall sentiment: I wish President Obama could slap the taste out of this man’s mouth. Of course, that would not be very presidential of him so I’m glad he’s managed to show restraint.

Still, I really wish Barry would stop entertaining FOX News. I’m not going to make the same argument against the news station. By now if you can’t tell they’re nothing more than a propaganda factory parading themselves as a credible news station there is no hope for you.

A part of me appreciated the president gritting his teeth and making an effort to reach out to people who are obviously biased and in the interest of playing him repeatedly for ratings. However, it’s been more than a year and it’s clear that things are not going to change no matter how hard President Obama tries to be nice and entertain their nonsense.

It’s one thing not to agree with someone, but it’s another to be blatantly disrespectful. Bret Baier’s constant interruptions of the President of the United States shows he feels his privilege trounces the presidency. Since he’s been elected I’ve noticed how disrespectful many men of Baier’s hue have been towards Obama.

That’s something that’s not going to change. Let’s not sugarcoat the obvious: Many still have a problem with this lanky black man holding the highest office in the land. Talk radio, various Web sites, the surge in hate groups online, and ditz’ like this reporter are evidence of it.

It’s a factor that President Obama cannot change. On the other hand, he can limit the amount of clout a given jackass has by turning his mic off when in their presence. Such is the case for FOX News. Seriously, Mr. President, leave them alone.

They don’t win when they humanize you, make you sound like the rational thinker that you are. Rather, they’re for bastardizing your words, making you out to be some uber liberal hell bent on destroying the country, and providing such havens for psychos like Glenn Beck. It’s how they best CNN and MSNBC. They cater to a crowd interested in having their hatred televised.

It’ss in President Obama’s best interest to stop empowering them. He does so each and every time he appears on FOX News. He previously silently declared “war” on FOX then backtracked once other journalists from various news organization’s protested the mouth. In theory I understand their position but in practice I find it a joke.

FOX’s not a news station therefore they shouldn’t be treated as such. When health care reform (or something like it) finally passes in the comings days, do you think they’re going to celebrate with you? No.

Same for any other accomplishment you may have in your first term. As a member of the media, I hate the idea of turning a blind eye. Again, that’s in practice. We live in far more biased times and if that’s the game folks want to play, uh, play to win.

P.S. You should have yelled gun and had secret service spook the man just a little bit. I would’ve forgiven you.

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